Manchester Mapping Party 2008

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This is a past event which took place 25th/26th October 2008 in Manchester


Mapping in the Marbella Cafė. The venue worked well, with plenty of space to edit. We had a range of people, young and old, from inexperienced to veteran. There was plenty of tea and coffee to go around, and soup provided for lunch.


Everyone had a go some mapping, some getting quite wet in the process. The results:

Party render on

The cake was mostly completed:

Manchester Party Render (the cake) Manchester Party Render (the cake + a bit)

People went out as far as Eccles, Oldham, Prestwich, Sale and Stockport:

Manchester Party Render (the lot)


  • What - An OpenStreetMap Mapping Weekend in Manchester, UK sponsored by Cloudmade.
  • Aim - To map as many highways, cycleways and footpaths as possible to the East and North of Manchester.
    • Up to the A576 and A6010, possibly further out towards the M60?--Sward 08:56, 30 September 2008 (UTC)
  • Who - Open to all, experienced OSM'ers and new participants alike.
  • How - Bring along some transport (feet, bike, horse, car, bus etc) and if you have one a GPS receiver, and also if you have one a digital camera or Dictaphone. There will be a number of GPS receivers available to loan if you need one though.
  • More? - See below for more details plus the Q&A sheet. For details on the day call blackadder (Andy Robinson) on 0777 553 7872


  • Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th October 2008


Our base will be near the city centre, a short walk from Piccadilly Station:

Marbella Café
2nd Floor
Sunshine Studios
52-54 Newton St
M1 1ED

Note: Entrance is on Hilton Street at the corner with Newton Street.

Lat/Lon: 53.48197,-2.23236 - Map

More about Manchester on Wikipedia

Programme of Events

  • Saturday 27th - Meet at 10:00am (from 9:00am for setting up) for refreshments (tea & cakes provided), training and dividing up the cake. Return at lunchtime (Soup and roll provided) or stay out all day, up to you. From 4pm till 5:30pm (tea & cakes provided) wrap up back at venue before heading out to the pub.
  • Saturday evening - out for a few drinks before heading off for food.
  • Sunday 28th - Meet at 10:00am for refreshments (tea & cakes provided), review of Saturday and further dividing up the cake. Return at lunchtime (Soup and roll provided) or stay out all day, up to you. From 4pm till 5:30pm (tea & cakes provided) wrap up back at venue before heading home.

Who's going to be participating?

Please add your name if you plan to come along just so we get an idea of numbers and experience.

  • Blackadder is the organiser and will be there all weekend
  • Sward is helping out and will be there all weekend
  • RichardB is planning to be there all weekend
  • CarolineH will be there all weekend
  • parag0n will be there all weekend
  • Hannah Christie - Sat morning
  • Flavour is planning to be there all weekend
  • Frankie Roberto lives in Manchester so planning to be there for at least some of it
  • Daniel Silverstone lives in Manchester so planning to be there for most if not all.
  • Tim Dobson is sorting his priorities out but wants to be there all weekend with some people from DFEY
  • David Carpenter will be there at least some of the time
  • Steven Flower will be about, with the kids and bikes
  • Chris Morley will be there all day Saturday
  • Nik_Doof/Andrew Williams live local and will be there Saturday with the other half.
  • Jon Porter will be there all weekend.
  • John McKerrell will hopefully be there at times on both days though not sure when
  • Dave Potts will bring the kids along to Saturday
  • Chippy wants to come for the whole weekend, looking for place to crash.
  • Fa will come, but doesn't have a GPS at the moment. Any spare one available?
  • Lesley Mitchell also lives in Manchester and will likely come along with Daniel Silverstone
  • Smsm1 will be in Manchester about 2154 on Saturday assuming the train runs on time. Leaving on Sunday at 2010. Will have the bike.
  • SarahCavie will be attending on Saturday and has never done anything with OSM before. Exciting. is not attending due to too many clashes, and will ahev tow ait til the next one. Sadness.
  • Helen Wood will be attending on Saturday
  • Enrico Zini will be attending on Sunday

Getting There

By Train

By Road

  • The free MetroShuttle, Services 1 and 3 stop at Picadilly Plaza/Portland Street, which is a short walk away.


Street parking - £something Mon-Sat until 6pm. Free otherwise, but gets full.

By Air

Somewhere to stay?

  • Crown & Anchor: Single - £25; twin - £45; triple - £60.
  • Add some other & cheaper accommodation options. Can anyone offer floor or bed space for fellow mappers?
  • Daniel Silverstone *may* be able to offer space for one person. Ideally someone I've already met.
  • Andrew Williams also maybe able to offer a couch and inflatable bed in Widnes.
  • Simon Ward may be able to offer spare bed and floor to anyone (preferrably known) who can put up with the dirty squalor.

Where are people staying?

Mapping - The Cake

Our target area is North and East of the venue but you can actually map where you like. Also see notes about the "virtual mapping party" for those who want to help by tracing Yahoo! imagery in defined locations.


Also some other places in need of some mapping love (mini cakes to follow for some):

  • Ancoats
  • Ardwick
  • Beswick
  • Cheetham Hill
  • Gorton
  • Longsight
  • Lower Broughton
  • Miles Platting
  • Salford

Cycle routes:

  • NCN 6 (city centre towards Bury)
  • NCN 60 (Ashton Canal to Heaton Park)

Yahoo Tracing, the Virtual Mapping Party

We will have a number of new attendees at this event, including some families, who may find it easier to just name streets and collect POI information. You can help this process, especially if you can spare an hour or two and cannot make the party, by tracing over the Yahoo! imagery for Manchester before the mapping party weekend. Anywhere within the "cake" or elsewhere would be cool, although sticking closer to the centre will help folks on foot get to the areas.

If you are tracing please add your name below together with the cake segment number or other description of the area you have traced.

  • Ivansanchez has already done 7 and 8; will try to do 32. How am I supposed to tell brownish roads apart from brownish buildings, anyway?
  • Matt section 2 (has GPS data but no trace), 19 and 20
  • Gregoryw traced slices 9, 10, 11, 12, and some of the area West of slice 12 (it's a bit unclear) from Yahoo! aerial imagery. Would love to come in person, but it's a bit too far from Kent!
  • EdLoach sections 5, 4, 3 (three had some roads with no highway tag; tagged them as highway=road), 1, 13, 16 (in that order)
  • Sergionaranja sections 27, 28, 30 (in that order)
ops! they are done. i change to 26, 29, 30 and 31
  • FranBoon seems to have traced section 6 already, without warning.

Actually I did it via GPS survey before knowing anything about this mapping party ;) Will finish it off via GPS survey this w/e...

  • RichardB 21, and was going to do section 14, but there wasn't much there anyway - mostly parkland - and a metrolink depot.
  • EdLoach came back to see if anything was left to do, and while I don't think all sections are listed above, they all now seem to have roads on that have been added recently. So will try and find some of the other places, starting with Gorton, although it seems the roads up to the edge of the Yahoo imagery in that area are also done.
  • Add here

Method to the Mapness

Indicate here preferred modes of transport, and when the cake is baked any slices you would like to do.

Name Transport Slices
Sward Bicycle, foot
Blackadder Car or Bicycle as weather dictates
RichardB Car or Bicycle as weather dictates
Daniel Silverstone foot (or Car if weather is nasty)
Chris Morley Bicycle 30,31? cos I see them from the train
Farzaneh foot (or car with User:FranBoon if it's too wet to walk) 6, 7, 8, 32 and possibly some other bits
Smsm1 bicycle
Enrico foot (only on sunday)

Other Things to do and see in Manchester over the Weekend



Anything interesting happening?

Things to see in Manchester:

Finding out more

Stuff to sort

  • Cabling for Internet Access (Blackadder is bringing a 50m coil of CAT5 yellow cable + ends and tools + Netgear wirless AP as we used in Bradford)
  • Power Extensions for seating area. Blackadder will have a couple
  • Discuss map/OSM logo for cakes. Printer broken unfortunately so only plain cakes :-(
  • Sort flyers (300?). Didn't happen. :-(
  • Music at luchtimes would be cool.
  • Check car parking options (bikes OK in cafe or lock to railings outside). Car parking on street weekdays is metered at £3.30 for 3 hrs max.
  • Check bus routes to/near venue and areas they serve for mapping purposes
  • Laser Printer to print A4 maps (for street name annotation) - Martin Dodge bringing. Blackadder bringing a ream of paper.
  • LCD projector - anyone have access to one that can be borrowed for the weekend? Martin Dodge bringing.
  • GPS units - Blackadder will have 15 plus Martin Dodge hope to bring some GPS 60's from University.

People to contact