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The Fall 2018 Mapthon will have a TRANSIT theme!

Date: Weekend of Nov 17-18!

Draft announcement blog post, please help improve!

Incomplete transit map of Salt Lake City, UT


Looking to join a local Mapathon? Just check the list of locations below. If there is nothing in your area yet, you can email to the community (see Mailing lists) or go on Slack and ask in the #local channel if there's something cooking that is not already listed. Or perhaps you'd like to help organize? Keep reading!


Do you want to run your own Mapathon? You can! It's fun and not hard to do. To get started, have a look at some of the other Mapathons listed below for inspiration. Decide on a place and time, and perhaps a theme, and start spreading the word through Meetup and / or other local event listings! Need help? Email the board at, talk to fellow organizers on the #local Slack channel (sign up here if you're not yet a Slack team member) or ask on the talk-us mailing list!


Transit! Some ideas:

  • Add local bus stops
  • Add bus / rail route relations
  • Clean up TIGER rail
  • Improve detail for local railway stations (or even upgrade to v2 PT schema!)


If one doesn't now exist, build a statewide rail wiki page for your state. There are simple ones to use as "seed templates" to start with (Missouri/Railroads, New_Mexico/Railroads) and rich and complex ones to aspire to (California/Railroads). Clone what feels right and go create some awesome rail wiki!


Add your event to the list below!

City Dates and Times Venue Contact Interested?

put your name here if you're interested in joining at this location but don't want to organize.

Event link
Lansing, Michigan Nov 17, 6:30 PM Lansing Mall Food Court TreeStryder
Salt Lake City Nov 17 TBD mvexel todrobbins
Portland Maine Nov 13, 10:00 AM Portland Maine City Hall Nasir Shir Coming soon
Washington, DC TBD Brian DeRocher Please contact me if you can help organizes this event with me. Keep an eye out for an event on our meetup. I think we should take a page from Portland and do a Rack Attack (map bike parking).