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Mapbox Studio
License: Proprietary

Mapbox Studio is an online map design studio developed by Mapbox. Mapbox Studio is available for free to all registered users on Its primary feature is a graphical style editor for authoring styles for Mapbox-hosted vector maps. These maps can be displayed with any Mapbox GL library – including Mapbox GL JS, which powers the style editor itself – and as static map images using the Mapbox Static API. The style editor interface can be likened to a vector graphics editor such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. The user can design completely custom map styles or derive a design from several included templates. By default, styles make use of the OpenStreetMap-based Mapbox Streets data source.

An included dataset editor allows developers to import and edit GeoJSON data. This editor may be useful to a developer who needs to incorporate into their application a modest amount of niche OpenStreetMap data that is excluded from the standard Mapbox Streets dataset.

A dashboard tracks Web map usage statistics as well as aggregated, anonymized usage statistics about the user’s Android and iOS applications, gathered via the Mapbox Android SDK and Mapbox iOS SDK.

Mapbox Studio was released to the public in November 2015. Mapbox Studio is the successor to a desktop application of the same name and TileMill before it. Raster tilesets authored in TileMill and uploaded to can also be managed within Mapbox Studio.

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