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This page describes ideas on how to cleanup wrong tags of bollard=* in Germany.

Page content created as advised on Automated_Edits_code_of_conduct#Document_and_discuss_your_plans.

Discussion and consensus

All of this is open for discussion and as I'll write below again: I won't change tags if there's no consensus on how to change them. However, if there are no comments against certain changes I'll interpret this as a consent with the respective change.

To keep things public, I recommend you to start a discussion on the discussion page or on the mailing list thread I started.

Mail thread

I started a thread in the German talk-de@ mailing list: (because this change covers Germany only, I used the German list and of course all mails are in German as well).


Used tools

  • Only data from Overpass-Queries will be used. This is not an import.
  • No scripts/tools other than JOSM and Overpass will be used.
  • Aerial imagery and maybe Mapillary/KartaView for more detailed on-the-ground information


Some bollard-values are obviously wrong (examples: bollard=irremovable or bollard=y) or simply misspelled (example: bollard=raising instead of bollard=rising).


Probably at the weekend 11th/12th December 2021 if I find the time for that.


Amount of data

At the time of this writing (6th December 2021) there were 237 affected nodes, 43 affected ways and no affected relations, so 280 objects would be affected.

Concrete changes

Notice: Some changes are quite obvious (to me) but if there are tags where no consensus exists on what to do, I won't change the according objects.

Add missing barrier=bollard

Some bollard=* tags exist without barrier=bollard. The plan is to simply add the barrier tag.

Notice: If the data is not consistent, confusing or misleading (e.g. a barrier tag is there but not barrier=bollard), the object will not be changed.

Remove invalid and unnecessary tags

The following tags will be removed as they are unnecessary, redundant or don't make any sense:

There are also two complete senseless tags:

  • bollard=fixedGaID_NAME1_NAME2_NAME3_STRASSE1_STRASSE2_PLZ_ORT_TELEFON_MOBIL_EMAIL_FAX_1298_Bezirksamt_Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg_von_Berlin_Gesundheitsamt_Urbanstr._24_10967_Berlin_030_90298-0_030_90298-8365_1299_Bezirksamt_Pankow_von_Berlin_Abt._Gesundheit_und_Soz
  • bollard=<val='fixed',<Priority; userInput: no, inDataSet: false, inStandard: true, selected: false>>

Change invalid but meaningful tags

This is the main part: Wrong but fixable tags which are misspelled, wrong key or otherwise incorrect according to the wiki.

All objects will get the barrier=bollard tag and additionally this mapping will be applied:

Old tags New tags Remarks
Fixed bollards
bollard=irremovable bollard=fixed
bollard=fest bollard=fixed Actually all case-insensitive occurrences of fest would be replaced: fest, Fest, Feststehend and fest installiert
bollard=stone bollard=fixed + material=stone
bollard=concrete bollard=fixed + material=concrete
bollard=wood bollard=fixed + material=wood
Rising bollards
bollard=immersible bollard=rising
Removable bollards
bollard=locked bollard=removable
Foldable bollards
bollard=folding bollard=foldable
Not identifiable bollard types
bollard=metal material=metal Could be a fixed or foldable bollard.
bollard=foot foot=yes

Notice: If the data is not consistent, confusing or misleading (e.g. a barrier tag is there but not barrier=bollard), the object will not be changed.

Change non-bollard tags

Two tags are clearly not bollards (anymore) and will also be changed:

Old tagging New tagging Remarks
Bollards which are actually blocks/rocks
bollard=block barrier=block
bollard=brocken brocken is German for boulder or rock
Other non-bollard tags
bollard=cycle_barrier barrier=cycle_barrier
bollard=disused disused:barrier=bollard Some of them already have this tag, so just remove the bollard=* there.

Notice: If the data is not consistent, confusing or misleading (e.g. a barrier tag is there but not barrier=bollard), the object will not be changed.

Open issue: Misleading and confusing tags

Some bollard tags are somehow weird and I can't say how to turn them into valid bollard values:

Tagging Remarks/thoughts Idea for a resolution
bollard=contracted Maybe bollard=rising is meant here but bollard=folding could also be correct. Remove the bollard tag and add a fixme=*?
bollard=traffic_sign Remove the tag completely or change it to bollard=fixed? Probably bollard=fixed would be correct here.
bollard=electric Maybe bollard=rising is meant here Remove and add a fixme=*? Leave it? Turn it into bollard=rising?
barrier=bollard + bollard=no ... what? Is there a bollard? Is there no bollard? Nobody knows. Some of them are made of metal, some of stone but no other helpful tags exist. There seems to be some sort of barrier, so remove bollard=no and add a fixme? I wouldn't leave it like this as it makes absolutely no sense.
barrier=bollard + bollard=n
bollard=flowerpot Probably looks nice. Turn it into bollard=fixed. Are there other tags to mark this as a flowerpot?

Notice: If there's no consensus on what to do, I won't change any of these objects.


  • Edits and uploads will happen per admin_level=6 area (German: Landkreise und kreisfreie Städte) or admin_level=9 in Hamburg and Berlin (they don't have level 6 areas).
  • All edits will be made manually.
    • Maybe unclear tagging-combinations will come up (s.o. "Misleading and confusing tags"), they will not be touched but kept in a list on this page.
  • A hashtag #bollardCleanupGermany2021 will be used.

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