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This page collects a list of 3D roof forms. It is part of the OSM-4D-definition and as this part of the 3D building-definition.

Tags for 3D rendering:

  • highway=*= <Value> , (z.B.: service)
  • height=*= <Value>
  • width=* = <Value>
  • tunnel=passage
  • passage_type = <Value>

MarekTunnelInBuildings1.jpg 2D OSM view

MarekTunnelInBuildings2.jpg dimensioning: width

MarekTunnelInBuildings3Dview.jpg 3D view

3D View


Top view + Sideviews

MarekTunnel01.jpg MarekTunnel02.jpg MarekTunnel03.jpg MarekTunnel04.jpg MarekTunnel05.jpg MarekTunnel06.jpg MarekTunnel07.jpg MarekTunnel08.jpg MarekTunnel09.jpg MarekTunnel10.jpg
Type T01 T02 T03 T04 T05 T06 T07 T08 T09 T10
Parameters W, H W, H, H1 W, H
Restrictions H1<H R=0,5*W, H>0,5*W to do H1<H H1<H if no H1 then semicircle H1<H (ellipse)
Implemented no no no no no no no no no no

It should be possible to cross the ways. 3D output:


Differences between Tunnel, Passage and Canopy