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The Public Transport - Stops view in OSM Inspector shows all kinds of stops including stop position, accesses (such as platforms) and stop areas.

From 2017-10-09 on, this view is based on the schema version 2 (previously the abandoned proposal by user Oxomoa).


This view shows stop positions and platforms in OpenStreetMap and shows one type of error.

The OSM data processing of this view is done by osmi_pubtrans3.


Multipolygons are currently not supported.

Data sources

All data in this view is derived from OSM data.


Stop Positions

This layer shows nodes tagged with public_transport=stop_position.

The Public Transport version 2 schema does not require you to map them.

Bus Stops (Classic Tagging)

This layer shows nodes which are tagged with highway=bus_stop but which do not have a public_transport=*.

The Public Transport version 2 schema does not require to add public_transport=* because highway=bus_stop was not deprecated by that proposal. Although, they indicate areas where it might be worth to have a look at it.

Stop Positions not on Ways

This layer shows stop positions (public_transport=stop_position) wich are not located on a way. This is an error.


This layers show platforms mapped as nodes and ways if they are tagged with railway=platform or public_transport=platform.


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