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Completed imports

Ongoing imports

Proposed imports

Potential resources

Some appropriately licensed datasets that are good candidates for imports:


Source Coverage area Content License
OGRIP LBRS centerlines 82 counties Road names, surfaces, lane counts, speed limits, one-way indications, route numbers, addresses Public domain
OGRIP LBRS address points 82 counties Addresses Public domain
USDOT National Address Database 80 counties Addresses Public domain
OGRIP LBRS landmarks 70 counties Landmark names, addresses Public domain
OGRIP LBRS railroad crossings 67 counties Level crossings Public domain
OEMA day care centers Statewide Day care centers Public domain
Microsoft hand-digitized buildings [1] Downtown Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland Buildings with heights ODbL
CAGIS street centerlines Hamilton Co. Road names, surfaces, speed limits, one-way indications, widths Public domain
CAGIS subdivision boundaries Hamilton Co. Landuse names Public domain
CAGIS school locations Hamilton Co. School types, names, contact info, district names Public domain
CAGIS countywide parks & green spaces Hamilton Co. Park and cemetery names, operators, addresses Public domain
CAGIS Cincinnati community council boundaries Cincinnati Neighborhood boundaries Public domain
CAGIS hospital locations Hamilton Co. Hospital names, contact info Public domain
Cincinnati Health Department health care centers Cincinnati Clinic names, services, contact info, opening hours Public domain
Cincinnati small cell permits Cincinnati Cell radio transponders Public domain
Greater Cincinnati Water Works fire hydrants Hamilton Co. Fire hydrants Public domain
CAGIS Cincinnati snow routes Cincinnati Snow routes Public domain
Cincinnati Food Safety Program Cincinnati Food facility (restaurant, grocery, factory) names, contact info Public domain
Cincinnati poles Cincinnati Street poles (power, lights) Public domain
Cincinnati street centerlines Cincinnati Road names, surfaces, widths, lane counts Public domain
Cincinnati business licenses Cincinnati Retail POIs Public domain
Cincinnati MSD industrial users Cincinnati Industrial POIs Public domain
Cincinnati historic recycling tips (2017–2019) Cincinnati Recycling bins Public domain
CAGIS driveways Hamilton Co. Driveways Public domain
CAGIS parking Hamilton Co. Parking lots Public domain
CAGIS sidewalk polygons[2] Hamilton Co. Sidewalks Public domain
CAGIS pavement[3] Hamilton Co. Highway areas Public domain
CAGIS streams Hamilton Co. Streams Public domain
CAGIS lakes and ponds Hamilton Co. Lakes, ponds Public domain
ODOT cities Statewide Municipal boundaries Public domain
Columbus retail facilities Columbus Retail POIs CC0
Columbus public-owned trees Columbus Trees CC0
Columbus parking meters Columbus Street parking hours, maximum times, handicap accessibility, charging stations CC0
COGO bike share stations Columbus Bike share stations CC0
Columbus city-owned public parking Columbus Parking lots CC0
Columbus taxi zones Columbus Taxi stands CC0
Columbus education facilities Columbus School names, contact info CC0
Central Ohio fire stations 4 counties Fire station names, numbers, contact info CC0
Columbus police crime cameras Columbus Surveillance cameras CC0
Columbus police substations Columbus Police substations CC0
Columbus park property boundaries Columbus Parks CC0
Columbus park facilities Columbus Athletic fields, playgrounds, community centers CC0
Columbus public places Columbus Golf courses, places of worship, libraries, museums CC0
Columbus medical facilities Columbus Hospitals, clinics, laboratories CC0
Columbus subdivisions Columbus Landuse names CC0
Columbus industrial facilities Columbus Industrial POIs CC0
Columbus government facilities Columbus Government POIs CC0
Columbus group quarters Columbus Social facilities CC0
Columbus nature preserve trails Columbus Footpath names, surfaces, widths CC0
Columbus office facilities Columbus Offices CC0
Columbus points of interest Columbus POIs CC0
Clinton Co. GIS LBRS fire hydrants Clinton Co. Fire hydrants Public domain
Clinton Co. GIS LBRS school zone signs Clinton Co. School zone speed limits Public domain
Clinton Co. GIS LBRS stop signs Clinton Co. Stop signs Public domain
Green Co. GIS buildings Green Co. Buildings Public domain
Green Co. GIS LBRS hydrants Green Co. Fire hydrants Public domain
Green Co. addresses Green Co. Addresses Public domain


Source Coverage area Content License
Brown County annexations Brown County Boundaries
Cleveland annexations Cleveland Boundaries Public domain (No notice, WPA)
Columbus boundary annexations Columbus Boundaries CC0
Columbus boundary detachments Columbus Boundaries CC0
Columbus nature preserves Columbus Nature preserves CC0
Columbus public-owned trees Columbus Trees CC0
Delaware County annexations Delaware County Boundaries Attribution – needs clarification
Delaware County original townships Delaware County Boundaries Attribution – needs clarification
Dublin annexation history Dublin Boundaries CC0
Fairfield County annexations[4] Fairfield County Boundaries Disclaimer – needs clarification
Franklin County annexations Franklin County Boundaries CC0
Franklin County historical townships Franklin County Boundaries CC0
Montgomery County annexations[5] Montgomery County Boundaries
Urbana annexations Urbana Boundaries

Open data portals

The following portals may be sources for importable datasets, but note that not all of their datasets have been verified for license compatibility with OSM. It may be necessary to ask these agencies for permission before planning an import: