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The OpenHistoricalMap community stays in touch via a number of communication channels.

OpenHistoricalMap website

The main OpenHistoricalMap website offers a few ways to communicate with other users.


If you know that something needs to be fixed or added but aren't comfortable making the change yourself, you can leave a note on the map at the relevant location.

Private messages

(Registered users only.) Send another user a private message to welcome them to the community or discuss a matter that shouldn't be public forever. This is a good first step when you need to resolve a dispute with someone, to avoid escalating the dispute unnecessarily. The other user will receive a notification by e-mail, and they will see a reminder about your message at the top of every page of the website.

Changeset comments

(Registered users only.) Leave a comment on another user's changeset to thank them for their contribution or ask for clarification about a change they made. The other user will receive a notification via e-mail, but not everyone checks their e-mail regularly. If you don't receive a response after some time, try sending them a private message as a reminder. Changeset comments are public, which means users may be defensive about issues you point out; please be civil and patient. That said, changeset comments are not not very discoverable. If you intend to have a more general discussion involving others in the community, start the discussion elsewhere and link to it from your changeset comment.

Diary posts

(Registered users only.) Your user diary is a convenient place to chronicle your adventures in OpenHistoricalMap. Diaries are public, like blogs. The entire community's diaries are aggregated on a single page.

Community spaces

The OpenHistoricalMap Forum reaches the entire OpenHistoricalMap community. The forum is good for policy discussions and other matters that we need to refer back to in the future.

In addition, the OpenHistoricalMap community is an offshoot of the OpenStreetMap community, which has generously allowed us to use their community spaces:

OpenStreetMap U.S. Slack
Open to all mappers worldwide, not just the United States. Join the #openhistoricalmap channel for discussion and #openhistoricalmap-tech to track issues as they come into the issue tracker.
OpenStreetMap World Discord
Join the #openhistoricalmap channel. mailing list
Join #ohm on
OpenStreetMap Wiki
You can contact a user of this wiki by editing their user talk page.

Social media

OpenHistoricalMap also maintains the following communication channels:

Follow @openhistmap.
Join the OpenHistoricalMap Facebook group.
Follow the OpenHistoricalMap subreddit.

Technical discussions

Main article: ../Development

The OpenHistoricalMap issue tracker is a good place to leave feedback, bug reports, and ideas about the OpenHistoricalMap software, as well as any other task that needs to be tracked as part of the global project.

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