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Stub for adding further information regarding OHM.


What is OpenHistoricalMap?

What sort of data belongs in OHM?

Do you have some examples?

What is the relationship between OHM and OSM?

Who runs OHM?

Why can't I use OSM for historical data?

What is the best way to start adding data to OHM?

What can I use OHM data for?

Specific Topics

Can OHM be used for building routing models?

Yes, because OHM uses the OSM data model and technology stack, it is possible to extract data from OHM and load it either in a native OSM format (XML or protobuf) into a range of open source routing tools which have been developed to use OSM data. These include Gosmore, Graphhopper, and OSRM. Choice of which routing engine will depend on application: some use contraction hierarchies which limit routing to a single transport mode, whereas others can be configured to provide several routing modalities (e.g., foot, horse, horse-and-wagon etc.).