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Updating and mapping schools in Poland

A campaign aimed at verifying and updating school data in Poland, including assigning reference numbers (rspo) and contact details for each facility.


After the reform of education, many schools changed the form in which they operate. At the same time, many of them have no contact details entered, and hardly any links to the official school register system. We want to unify it.


If you have any questions, it is best to contact the initiator and project coordinator Changeset comments are recommended in case of problem with a specific mapper

Community Consultation

We contacted the community using the following communication channels:


We've asked our contributors to use the hashtag #school_osmp with their edits.


Project started in the 01.02.2022

Tools and Data Sources


There will be more volunteers participating and we'll ask them to link to this page in their user profile.


Participants are also asked to mark the entrances to buildings that are used in applications for the blind

Post-Event Clean Up

Our core team will frequently look at new changesets being uploaded with our hashtag, and apply corrections where necessary. Our mappers have also been asked to have their contribution validated when taking their first steps.


Updating data of all educational institutions in Poland