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Available languages — POI-Witch
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Screenshot of POI-Witch
Author: deltabrasil
Version: alpha
Language: English

POI logger

POI-Witch Application Icon

POI-Witch is a application for collecting GPS-Data and POI with One-Click on FlashLite 2.x enabled Devices with integrated GPS and under Development (First alpha release planned for End of August 2010). It is maintained by deltabrasil and will be released as Freeware.

POI-Witch will help OSM users to add locations easy when they are on the way. It will support One-Click features.


  • Showing actual GPS postion
  • Actual OpenStreetMap can be implended in the application to find missing POI and streets to Tag.
  • One Click Tagging by Buttons for POI (amenity=*, shop=*)
  • Exporting of GPS data collected as GPX, LMX (Nokia Landmark Exchange) and KML file
  • Upload to OpenStreetMap by Cellphone over the OpenStreetMap-API
  • Mainscreen will show all needed POI and they can set by One Click (Touchscreen Support). If the button is pressed, it will ask for special additional informations according this POI (e.g. opening_hours=* and cuisine=* on amenity=restaurant or operator=* and phone=* on amenity=telephone etc.)
  • Submitting current position to OpenStreetMap (other applications may come, too e.g. Google Latitude) by API.

Features which might be added

Many devices can scan for Wireless LAN networks, when the signal is the strongest it can be added as a internet_access=wlan concluding with the Hotspot Name (SSID) (in name=*), if this features will be and can be implemented is still in the stars as i think it would rubbish the database of OSM...

Use the special page for a feature request.

Supported Devices

POI-Witch will support all GPS enabled devices supporting FlashLite (like Nokia 5800). For a full list of supported Devices shipping with FlashLite please look at the Website of Adobe. The application will be tested however on a Nokia 5800 (i don`t own another one) but testers for alpha version are welcome!


The software will be translated in:

Translators for other languages are welcome, to send me a message and help with translations.


For alpha testing purposes i would like some people who will test POI-Witch on their cellphone.

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