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This page provides a history of contacts to public institutions or companies regarding the use of their data as a source for OpenStreetMap. This is the place to document obtained permissions.

Note: some permissions are broken down by language (not geographic/nation entity)


South Africa - see MDB Portal at Potential Datasources#South Africa


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Main article: Ireland
Main article: Denmark (in Danish)
Main article: Germany (in German)
Main article: Switzerland (in German; intermingled with permissions for Germany)
Main article: Austria (in German; intermingled with permissions for Germany)
Main article: Norway (in Norwegian)
Main article: Poland (in Polish)
Main article: Sweden (in Swedish)
Main article: Netherlands (in Dutch)

Belgium see city of Liege

Main article: Europe (in English; permissions crossing multiple countries)

North America

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Main article: Australian Data Catalogue
Main article: New Zealand data catalogue

Data sources from Australia and New Zealand are managed on a different page to reduce page length and enable separate watchlist subscriptions. Category:Data sources from Australia might be helpful as well.

South America

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See also

Contributors containing a list of all organisations which contributed data