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Social Mapping Sundays are a series of casual mapping parties held in Perth, run by Geogeeks Perth with support from OSGeo Oceania.

Meetup Checklist

  1. Organise the date and location for the next meeting, or at least get options.
  2. Take a group photo (for a follow-up post).
  3. Decide on mapping goals/targets for the day. Being specific about which features will be mapped, or which area will be covered is good.
  4. Make a plan for reconvening for lunch (for those who want to).

Organising Checklist

  1. Create an event on OpenStreetMap Calendar, (use the "Duplicate Event" button on one of the existing events).
  2. Apply for a microgrant from OSGeo.
  3. Spread the work: email mailing lists, tweet, post is chat groups.
  4. Download a copy of the map data in the area (for before and after comparisons).
  5. Clean existing map data and potentially trace buildings/footpaths/etc.
  6. Prepare materials: stickers to give out, printed maps for surveying, etc.

After the event:

  1. Clean up and verify new map data.
  2. Generate before and after comparisons.
  3. Post an event report showing off what we achieved!