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This is a project to map and document all power generation facilities on the planet. This could be electrical power plants but geothermal, heating or cold plants as well.

For power transmission or distribution networks, see power networks.

Physical components

We aim to distinguish sites from devices:

  • power=generator, a generator is a device, it actually produces electricity and can be part of a wider plant
  • power=plant, a plant is an industrial facility, hosting generators to produce power with heavy activities.

Generally, plants will get a closed perimeter area while generators will be mapped as node inside of the first.

The full list of power-related tags can be found on the power=* page.

Power sources

More precise documentation may exists to map each power sources.



There is an IRC channel for discussing power networks and other infrastructure: irc.oftc.net #osm-infrastructure. If you are a power user, why not join the category:power user.

Open Infrastructure Map shows power infrastructure from OSM.

Local projects

Local projects intend to document practices, knowledge and mapping guidelines relevant for a particular area in the world only.

Feel free to create a dedicated one for your region if missing. Such page should only cover particular area (like countries or region) but not a given infrastructure or facility for sake of consistency.