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Drinking water

How about a nice drink of water? Refreshing on a warm day, especially nice when one has worked up a sweat by collecting information for OpenStreetMap. We can sometimes forget that we need water to live. Sadly, not everybody can take for granted reliable access to safe drinking water.

On 28 July 2010, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that declares "the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights." In 2005, more than 3.5 Million people died of water-borne illness.

This Project of the Week is also the first Project of the Month. Add drinking water locations to the map. In some places we'll be adding public water fountains as a courtesy to outdoor exercisers, in others we'll be adding the critical public water access points.

Put drinking water on the map.

German translation


Sources of drinking water are typically recorded in OpenStreetMap as a point.

Consider adding access=* when appropriate or date_on=* tags for seasonal water sources.


One goal for Project of the Month is to provide feedback so that mappers can see the effect on the OSM database. I've setup a way to record the results during the project. Here is a screen shot of the graph before the start of the Project of the Month. I'd like to make these graphs update automatically (without loading the source of the graphs) so please make suggestions. Until then, perhaps before and after screen shots will be an improvement over no data.

Live graphs of these tags [1] [2] [3] Updated daily.

Also a table of the data.

Polygons Polygons Polygons Points Points Points
Date Drinking Water Natural Spring Both Drinking Water Natural Spring Both Note
2010 Sep 28 97 105 0 13695 11952 232
2010 Sep 29 PotM Announced
2010 Oct 01
2010 Oct 06 106 106 0 13831 12000 237
2010 Oct 13 105 111 0 14351 12136 247
2010 Oct 20 121 126 0 17220 13727 304 from planet-101020.osm.bz2
2010 Oct 27 128 136 0 17466 13860 309 Next PotM Announced
2010 Oct 31