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Wheelchair Accessibility
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: RobinJulien
Draft started: 2023-05-10


With the On Wheels app we have collected around 25 000 data nodes were we have a lot of accessibility info for wheelchair users (mainly in Belgium), about shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, toilets, parking spaces, … Today this data is stored on a private server, but we want to add this data directly in OSM. We have been working on a new app that will view, edit and add this data from/to OSM, but that can also add and edit existing data. Because every wheelchair user is different, adding a Key:wheelchair=yes/no is not enough for most users. With our On Wheels app the user can set a personal wheelchair profile (width and kerb height) and decide for themselves what is accessible. We propose to add more specific data tags and keys to buildings and public spaces nodes.


Data about accessibility and wheelchair users have been very subjective. In OSM buildings are tagged wheelchair=yes/no, but this is not enough information for wheelchair users to now if they can access the building. Since other OSM tags are based on objective data, we want to also do this for data about accessibility by adding extra datasets/keys to the nodes/tags: Key:entrance, Tag:highway=elevator, Key:toilets:wheelchair, Tag:amenity=parking space and Key:changing table. This will make the accessibility data also more useable for other purposes. For example we measure all public buildings in a street/city and can create lists and reports to the city how many places are accessible or are easy to place a ramp. We also want to add the new amenity=changing_places node. These a special places for people with disabilities with a shower, toilet and changing table (adults and babies):


Entrance: Key:entrance

Key Iaginfo Description
entrance:step_count=* for number of steps
entrance:kerb:height=* for the total height of the steps, of the kerb
ramp:wheelchair=* for a wheelchair ramp
entrance:width=* for the entrance door width
entrance:wheelchair:turning_circle=* for the turning circle
entrance:automatic_door=* for an automatic door
entrance:door=* for type of door

Toilets: Key:toilets:wheelchair

Key Iaginfo Description
toilets:wheelchair:door_width=* for the width of the door to the toilet
toilets:wheelchair:space_side=* for the free space next to the toilet
toilets:wheelchair:space_front=* for the free space in front of the toilet
toilets:wheelchair:grab_rails=* for the grab rails
hand_basin:wheelchair=* for a wheelchair accessible hand basin

Changing Place/changing table: Key:changing table

Key Iaginfo Description
amenity=changing_places General tag for a changing places location
shower:wheelchair=* For a wheelchair accessible shower
changing_table=* For a baby changing table
changing_table:adult=* For an adult changing table
changing_table:location=* For the location of the changing table
changing_table:hoist=* For if there is a hoist available
changing table:height:adjustable=* For if the changing table is adjustable in height

Elevator: Tag:highway=elevator

Key Iaginfo Description
elevator:door:width=* For the width of the elevator door
elevator:width=* For the width of the elevator inside
elevator:length=* For the length/depth of the elevator inside

Parking space: Tag:amenity=parking space

Key Iaginfo Description
parking_space:width=* For the width of the parking space
parking_space:length=* For the length/depth of the parking space


We have added these tags to a building as an example (all info is verified and correct):



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