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Wheelchair profile

On Wheels organisation

The On Wheels organisation was formed in 2014 by a group of wheelchair users in Belgium, trying to solve the problem of finding a café, restaurant, parking place, ... which is wheelchair accessible.

The main focus was to develop a user friendly app to share and collect accessibility data about public buildings. On Wheels has collected information about 20 000 locations, mainly in Belgium.

Today the organisation focusses on:

  1. Providing correct and objective accessibility information about public buildings to wheelchair users and less mobile people (app).
  2. Gather new big data sets with teambuildings, volunteers, users app, schools and universities, measuring days.
  3. Working with cities and governments to improve the accessibility of public buildings (data dashboard platform).

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On Wheels app

The first version of the app was launched in 2015 and has over 10 000 downloads on IOS and Android. The new app was developed in 2023-2024 with the goal of providing fully open data sharing with OpenStreetMap.

New accessibility tags were developed and discussed with the community. The app has some amazing features:

  • Platform: IOS, Android and Web.
  • Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, more to come.
  • View accessible places on an interactive map. Select a place and get detailed information (measurements, contact, opening hours, pictures, ...) about the entrance, toilets, elevator, ...
  • Choose which of our 24 categories you want to see on the map, like cafe's, restaurants, parking spaces, banks, hotels, public transport, shops, ...
  • Create your own wheelchair profile (by setting the width of your wheelchair and the possible kerb height) and see only the places that are accessible for you.
  • Create and login with an OpenStreetMap account and edit/add locations.
  • Rolroutes: wheelchair accessible walk/bike routes.
Detailed accessibility info

OSM Tagging

The On Wheels app collects and shares accessibility data with the OSM database about public buildings, public space and public transport. This happens through a direct connections between the app and OSM.

All data and tags (entrance and toilet) are added to the amenity nodes/ways of the building function (like shops, restaurant, ...). For the moment we don't have the option to add or view info to/of separate entrance or toilet nodes.


Category Meaning Tags Keys Rendering
Restpoint/bench Layer with all benches and picnic tables
Iconen on wheels app-19.svg
Parking Layer with all wheelchair accessible parking
Iconen on wheels app-12.svg
Public transport station Layer with all train, bus and subway/metro stations
Iconen on wheels app-18.svg
Public transport stop Layer with all bus, tram, subway/metro, ferry stops
Iconen on wheels app-17.svg
Restaurant Layer with all restaurants
Iconen on wheels app-08.svg
Business/office Layers with all commercial offices
Iconen on wheels app-20.svg
Bank Layer with all banks
Iconen on wheels app-03.svg
Tourism/Historic Layer with all tourism and historic sights/buildings
Iconen on wheels app-13.svg
Viewpoint Layer with all viewpoints
Iconen on wheels app-25.svg
Café Layer with all café's, pubs and bars
Iconen on wheels app-02.svg
General Service
Iconen on wheels app-05.svg
Petrol Station
Iconen on wheels app-22.svg
Iconen on wheels app-11.svg
Iconen on wheels app-01.svg
Iconen on wheels app-23.svg
Iconen on wheels app-24.svg
Iconen on wheels app-10.svg
Iconen on wheels app-09.svg
Iconen on wheels app-07.svg
Changing Place
Iconen on wheels app-16.svg
Iconen on wheels app-04.svg
Iconen on wheels app-15.svg


Main tag Meaning Keys Rendering
entrance Main entrance door to the building
Iconen on wheels app-27.svg
wheelchair:turning_circle Possible to do a 360° turn with a wheelchair on both sides of the entrance door
Iconen on wheels app-70.svg
ramp:wheelchair Wheelchair ramp in front of the entrance
Iconen on wheels app-30.svg

Toilets and changing table

Main tag Meaning Keys Rendering
toilets:wheelchair Wheelchair accessible toilets
Iconen on wheels app-69.svg
changing table Changing table baby
Iconen on wheels app-29.svg
changing table:adult Changing table adults
Iconen on wheels app-68.svg
shower:wheelchair Wheelchair accessible shower
Iconen on wheels app-32.svg


Main tag Meaning Keys Rendering
highway=elevator Wheelchair accessible elevator
  • elevator:width
  • elevator:length
  • elavator:door:width
Iconen on wheels app-26.svg

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