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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Gendy54
Tagging: fire_service=*
Applies to: nodearea
Definition: Qualify fire service headsquare and intermediate levels of administrative and/or operational management and other entities

Rendered as: office=*
Draft started: 2020-12-11


I use to map fire stations in France with some other contributors.
It doesn't appear clear to me how I should tag firefighters headquarters. They're not fire station but administrative office.

I searched in TagInfo for values related to this subject, but found nothing. I went through the wikipedia pages to understand the different fire service systems and obtain vocabulary to define the concepts.

I propose office=government + government=fire_service.

For government tag because it seems to me that fire services are part of the "regalian missions" in the same way as the police or taxes.

Concerning fire_service=*, I prefer this tag because it's in neutral English. I would also like to point out the other proposals I have identified:

  • fire_rescue=*: in the majority of countries (but not in France), the fire brigade only deals with fire and technical assistance, but not with first aid. This is why this tag seems less appropriate to me
  • fire_department=*: (american english), like New York Fire Department (NYFD)
  • fire_brigade=*: (british english), like London Fire Brigade (LFB)
  • fire_company=*: company a priori a meaning in the USA of a group of firefighters assigned to a particular fire engine
  • firefighter=*: meaning centred on the occupation and not the function


Draw a node node or an area area and tag with

For headquarters:

For intermediate level of administrative and/or operational management:

This tag fire_service=* whether the fire station also houses or acts as an intermediate level of administrative and/or operational management. It doesn't compete with other tags.

For training centre:

Additionnal tags


Tag Applies
Description Image Taginfo
government=fire_service nodearea Headquarter of fire service Image
fire_service=academy nodeway Academy for firefighter
French firefighter academy in Calvados.jpg



French firefighter academy in Calvados

The photo shows several training areas: house to burn, motorway, accidents, gas zone...

Edition management



and rendering as amenity=fire_station if mapped as area.


Let's discuss this proposal over this page.