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Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Codesurfer
Tagging: healthcare:speciality=equine-assisted
Applies to: nodewayarea
Definition: I have canceled this proposal in favor of a new proposed tag.

Rendered as: text
Draft started: 2024-01-14


This is a canceled draft proposal based on Discussion Comments.

Please see the new proposal here: Proposal:Social facility=equine assisted centre

 Equine-assisted therapy (EAT) encompasses a range of treatments that involve activities with horses and other equines to promote human physical and mental health.[1][2] Physiotherapists, psychologists, and counselors successfully use EAT for patients with different cognitive, behavioral, physical, and psychological modalities[1]. Recent studies have found improvements in fine and gross motor skills, cognitive function, and emotional well-being after EAT sessions.[3][4]

There are over 1,000 officially-recognized therapeutic riding centers globally which are not mapped in OSM or not tagged appropriately in OSM[5][6].

Use of the tag healthcare:speciality=equine-assisted would help to identify equestrian facilities dedicated only for equine-assisted therapies as a healthcare treatment service in OSM.

Current Usage

The proposed tag is in use (started as a user-defined tag in late 2023) in several countries.

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Community Need for the Proposed Tag

There is no standard map or website with EAT locations. The current state outside of OSM is fragmented by regional interests and there is no single source of Findable and Accessible (FAIR) data for EAT.


Use of this tag would benefit those seeking care by using this tag to identify locations of nearby therapeutic riding centers in OSM. Sustained use of this tag in the future could support open-access derivative mapping services and products.

A Sample Set of EAT Provider Locations

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA)

500 Member Centers. EGALA cites 49,945 clients served in 40 countries.[7]

EQUURA Terapias Ecuestres

Una Asociación nacional sin ánimo de lucro inscrita en el Registro Nacional de Asociaciones.[8]

Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH International)

813 Member Centers. PATH cites 53,399 clients served in 22 countries.[9]


This proposal follows the "one feature, one OSM element" guidance.

For equine-assisted therapy, the riders (clients/patients) conduct therapy sessions within a Riding centre / Riding stables where people practice horse riding, typically in their spare time[10]. The Riding centre / Riding stables feature is for the whole area or perimeter of an  equestrian facility which may contain one or more riding arenas, stables, riding halls, other related buildings or paddocks.[10]

The approved tags for Riding centre / Riding stables feature include:

However, these tags are not inclusive of EAT and do not cover the full breadth of healthcare services for facilities providing EAT sessions.

Application Category


Generally British English spelling and terminology are used for this key (speciality vs specialty).[11] This key may also be used for the speciality of other medical practitioners such as physiotherapists, psychologists, and counselors.[11]

Previous Proposed Element (Pre-Discussion)

Closed Way or Area:

Ideally, one should map the facility as an area if the perimeter is known. Otherwise map as a node.

The tag healthcare:speciality=equine-assisted could be used in conjunction with the following tags for an mapped Riding centre / Riding stables[12] that specializes in EAT.

It is not advisable to tag individual riding halls, riding arenas, or stables with this tag. Recommended to use this tag once for a horseback riding center / riding stable area feature only.

Other Proposed Elements for Consideration

Other proposed elements from the Discussion under consideration.

Appropriateness of Similar Tags


As of 2.24.24, there were several facilities starting to use this user-defined tag based on this proposal discussion.

Applicability Considerations:

  • Use of this draft user-defined tag would enable searching of equine-assisted centers.
  • Use of this tag would not conflict with established leisure keys and tags related to riding.
  • Use of this tag encompasses all types of EAT activities as well as general horsemanship activities within a facility/center.


There are a few facilities using this tag starting sometime around 2023.[13]

  • Way: Krümelhof way 116028410 focusing on animal-assisted (all types of animals, including horses) pedagogy in Augsburg.

Applicability Considerations:

Use of the draft Tag:healthcare:speciality=animal-assisted would not be applicable for a directed search for EAT. If one were seeking EAT, the most logical starting point for searching locations would be to search on the word equine or horse and not searching on the word animal.


There are a few facilities using this tag starting around 2013[14].

Applicability Considerations:

Hippotherapy is one specialized category of EAT[15] and it is a term that is not used by the general public when seeking equine-assisted services.


Please see the following link to the OpenStreetMap element that uses the proposed tag:

  • Way: Chiverton Riding for the Disabled way 1238260723

Please see the following link to the OpenStreetMap element that uses the revised proposed tag:

  • Way: Way: EQUI-KIDS Therapeutic Riding Program way 194862241


Open for suggested comments.

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User Defined Tag: healthcare:speciality=hippotherapy

External discussions

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