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Injection well
Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: Kylenz
Tagging: man_made=injection_well
Applies to: node Node
Definition: A injection well is used to send fluid back into the earth

Draft started: 2021-09-22
RFC start: 2021-09-22


An  Injection well is used to send fluid deep into the ground, the opposite of a normal well which brings fluid to the surface. Many substances can be re-injected into the ground, including geothermal fluid, water, treated wastewater, and carbon dioxide.


There is already a tag for petrol/oil/gas wells: man_made=petroleum_well. There is also a tag for water wells, man_made=water_well, and an ongoing proposal for other types of wells: man_made=borehole.

However, there is no tag for injection wells, which are distinctly different from other wells which bring content to the surface.


Use a node Node, and tag it with man_made=injection_well + substance=hot_water/water/carbon_dioxide.

Geothermal re-injection wells would use substance=hot_water or water

Note: If the injection well is no longer being used, but still exists, it can be tagged as man_made=injection_well + disused=yes



Maps that render man_made=petroleum_well should consider rendering this tag.

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