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Mobile apps
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Push-f
Tagging: app:*=*
Draft started: 2022-09-29
RFC start: 2022-09-29


  1. Define app:apple=* and app:google=* as described under #Tagging.
  2. Deprecate payment:app:android=* in favor of payment:app:google=*.
  3. Deprecate payment:app:ios=* in favor of payment:app:apple=*.


app:apple=* and app:google=* are currently used a couple of hundred times pretty much exclusively in Sweden to tag apps of pharmacies:

Since these apps are brand-wide, they should rather be tagged with brand:app:apple=* and brand:app:google=* instead (just like website=* should only be used for websites specific to a store and brand:website=* should be used for general websites about the brand).

It's worth noting that these tags currently use full URLs as values. This proposal suggests that just the app ids should be tagged instead to make the tags easier to work with for data consumers and more robust (URLs are bound to contain additional parameters like the website language that would result in the same apps being tagged with different values).

payment:app=* is currently used to tag that you can pay with a dedicated mobile app (that is not a general payment service, for those there are dedicated payment:*=* tags). The specific tags in use are payment:app:android=* and payment:app:ios=*, which is problematic because at least on Android there is not just one app store (e.g. there's also F-Droid). This proposal therefore suggests that payment:app:google=* and payment:app:apple=* (for consistency) should be used instead.

While there are of course more app stores for which tags could be formalized, this proposal intentionally leaves this for the future. This proposal establishes a convention that can easily be extended in the future.


Case Suggested tagging Example(s)
Apps for all kinds of POI <purpose>:<app>=yes/no/only payment:google_pay=*, payment:wechat=*
Apps for one specific brand=* brand:app:<store>=<identifier> brand:app:google=com.apotekhjartat.mobileclient
Apps for one specific POI app:<store>=<identifier> app:google=nl.rijksmuseum.mmt

app:<store>=<identifier> refers to a specific mobile application within a specific app store, e.g:

The values of these tags should be just the id of the app, e.g:

information sign

The app:<store>=<identifier> scheme is specifically meant for traditional applications that have to be installed.
Such tagging is not meant for so-called "mini apps", which don't have to be installed, as they are common in China.


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