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Proposal status: Inactive (inactive)
Proposed by: Martin minheim
Tagging: park_drive=yes/no/informal/designated
Applies to: amenity=parking
Definition: Information that can be taken on this parking lot to form a carpool.

Draft started: 2019-12-05
RFC start: 2019-12-05


Park and Drive (P+D for short) is a linking principle in traffic planning. Travellers meet at a connecting point (free car park) after consultation, in order to continue their journey in a carpool together with a car.


In contrast to the other common linking principles (Park and Ride or Bike and Ride), the Park and Drive principle does not change the transport system.

There are similar tags in the database and wiki at the moment, but they should not be used any longer.

There is amenity=car_pooling. This already conflicts with amenity=parking due to the key amenity. Because it is all times a parking lot, but it is not always exclusively designated for use as a park and drive place. In addition, the amenity=car_pooling tag is documented, but there is currently no proposal for it.

The second tag is carpool=yes/designated. According to taginfo this tag is used quite often, especially in France. It is documented only in French in the wiki, and is mainly used to identify aires de covoiturage (carpool areas, where individuals join by car or feet and share a single personal vehicle) and as access=* restriction for roads.

Then there is parking=carpool. This tag conflicts with the already accepted values for parking=. It describes the type of parking, i.e. multi-storey car park, underground car park, etc..

Another tag is park_ride=hov. This tag is also not suitable, since park and ride rather indicates the possibility of using public transport.

The following tags should therefore be described as obsolete:

amenity=car_pooling should be included in a possible new proposal process as a pick-up point for carpools.


Examples of parking lots where people meet primarily or exclusively to drive on together can be found mainly at motorway junctions or major federal highways. These parking lots are not always located directly at the junction, but a few hundred meters away.

Here are some examples from Germany:


The tagging scheme should look like this:

key value description
park_drive no Standard value, as otherwise every parking space would have to be explicitly assigned the value No. For example, customer parking spaces or private parking spaces.
yes It is allowed to park its vehicle in order to use a carpool.
informal It is neither allowed nor forbidden, but it happens that vehicles are parked to use a carpool.
designated There is a designated parking lot to park your car and use a carpool.

Applies to

The tag should only be used in combination with the main tag, amenity=parking, analogous to park_ride=*.


A special representation of park_drive for the main map, for example, I don't think is useful and could be derived from the name.

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Mitfahrerparkplatz Rheinland-Pfalz

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