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Tagging many addresses for one building
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: dkiselev
Tagging: [[Key:addr[2,3,4...]:*|addr[2,3,4...]:*]]=[[Tag:addr[2,3,4...]:*="*"|"*"]]
Applies to: node, way, area, relation
Definition: Extend Karlsruhe_Schema for mapping many addreses for one building or POI

Rendered as: Geocoding / addressing
Draft started: 2010-10-20
RFC start: 2015-01-16

Problems set

Some building have not only one address. More often this situation applied for building located at the cross of the streets.

For example, building on the next image have two addresses: "Бажова 91" and "проспект Ленина 75" ("Bazhova st. 91" and "Lenina st. 75")

AddrN fig1.png

Exept address scheme Town-Street-Housenumber, next scheames are oftenly apeared:

  • Town-Housenumber
(Prague, 1 )
  • Town-Quarter-Housenumber
(Ostrogozhsk, Northen quarter. 4)

Sometimes this schemes could be mixed: "Prague 611" and "Prague Tynska st. 11"

So we need to tag two (or more) addresses for one building.

How we do it now

One of the most used way uses "/" to separate numbers from different addressing schemes. But this behaviour can't be applied worldwide, because only residents know what first and second numbers are means. And it's a problem for creating address index.

So this is for St. Petersburg (I've translated tags values, originaly them in russian)

addr:city=St. Petersburg
addr:street=Spassky alley
addr:street2=Griboedovs quay

Also I've found scemes with addr:street2=* and addr:housenumber=2 And the problem is that you cant build correct addresses lines, like below without knowing of local address tagging agreement's.

St. Petersburg, Spassky alley, 2
St. Petersburg, Griboedovs quay, 44


Now Karlsruhe_Schema is most used addressing scheme.

It's easy to understand it and easy to tag objects using it. And most of curently used local schemes are based on it with some additional tags. This scheme should match these criteria:

  1. Backward compatibility with Karlsruhe_Schema
  2. Easy to use and tag

So I propose to use prefixes addr2, addr3:, etc for each next address.

Why not to use two points or...?

Why not to use two or more points inside building polygon, one address - one point.

It would solve only a half of the problem. It allows you to build addresses rows, find them and render them, but what should we do with POIs inside that building. What should we do, with building=yes on a node? The most unambiguously way to specify address for POI point is to add address tags to node, in such case we couldn't use one address one node approach. We need to specify more than one address to point.

Associated street relations and interpolation compatibility

All existed schemes should be treated as they applyed to addr:street and/or addr:housenumber

Tagging examples

So for the first image will have:

addr:street=проспект Ленина

addr2:street=ул. Бажова

If municipality will accept one more addressing scheme and will assign through numbers to buildings we just add


I think it will be usefull to have some way to pointout what levels ex(City, District, Street, Hn, Porch number or some else, see below) are used in this address scheme to build unique address for building.

Levels of addressation

Tag Described in Description Example
1 addr:country Karlsruh Country Russian Federation
2 addr:state Karlsruhe State Свердловская область
3 addr:city Karlsruhe Город Москва, Екатеринбург
2.5 / 4 addr:district need proposal Муниципальный район (Камышловский муниципальный район) Включает в себя несколько н.п.
5 addr:quarter need proposal Квартал / Жилой массив 29 жилой комклекс
6 addr:suburb addr:suburb=* Микрорайон как уточнение Северный микрорайон, Кировский микрорайон и т.д.
7 addr:place addr:place=* Единица адресации (населённый пункт, территориальная зона, микрорайон) Вещево, Елагин остров, 1-й микрорайон
7 addr:street Karlsruhe Улица улица Ленина, проспект Мира.
8 addr:housenumber Karlsruhe Дом либо подъезд[1] (номер) 58/2А к3 с4 (TODO: проставить ссылочку)
8 addr:housename Karlsruhe Дом либо подъезд[1] (имя) This is sometimes used in some countries like England instead of (or in addition to) a house number.
9 addr:entrance need proposal Подъезд как дополнительный уровень адресации 1


  1. 1.0 1.1 в Западной Европе и, например, в Калининграде адресуются отдельные подъезды