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Dry riser inlet
Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: dieterdreist
Tagging: emergency=dry_riser_inlet
Applies to:
Definition: a point to which firefighters can connect a pressurized water source
Drafted on: 2017-03-09


The dry riser inlet or fire department connection (FDC) is a point to which firefighters can connect a pressurized water source. It's the endpoint of a dry riser, an empty tube to distribute water to various parts of a building or structure in case of a fire.


There is a tag for the other endpoint, emergency=fire_hydrant in combination with fire_hydrant:type=wall but apparently none for the inlet.


Add emergency=dry_riser_inlet for a dry riser inlet. Other useful tags include

hose couplings

Around the world, there are various hose couplings in use. OsmHydrant promotes the usage of fire_hydrant:coupling_type with values like "Storz", "Barcelona", "UNI", "Sprawny". Additionally there is the tag fire_hydrant:couplings. which could be used for the dry_riser_inlet as well.

This is wikipedia on hose couplings.

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