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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Francians
Tagging: giant_furniture=bench
Applies to: node
Definition: a giant wooden bench

Draft started: 2021-05-16


What is a "big bench"? A big bench is a giant wooden bench (usually 3.50mt x 1.80mt) located in a public and generally accessible place (usually a park or a playground) with the goal of providing a special viewpoint and a spot for picture taking.


The increasing number of big benches (134 on the date of this draft) requires an agreed mapping schema.


See this picture as reference of what is meant by "Big Bench".

Big Bench in Fossano (Cuneo) on OpenStreetMap


Please find the updated tagging scheme after the "giant furniture" proposal:

For italian "Big Bench Community Project" by Chris Bangle please consider (optionally) to add:

Usually a plaque is applied on the backrest with a famous quote, please use inscription=*.

Useful combinations:

Place a node near the "giant bench" with:

Applies to

Any big bench realized by the "Big Bench Community Project", see external website:


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