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Roller coaster elements
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Dee_Earley
Tagging: roller_coaster=*
Applies to: way area relation
Definition: For roller coaster track, stations and ancillaries.

Rendered as: Similar to existing light rail rendering for the track.
Drafted on: 2012-11-09
RFC start: 2012-12-10


The current tagging for roller coasters is a complete mismatch of other tags. This proposal is for a way to standardise the roller coaster specific tags in use and bring them all under a single tag while keeping the generic attraction=roller_coaster tag.

Existing tags include:

Some of these have a note to say it's a roller coaster but not all.

This proposal replaces the original proposal that was generally said to be "misplaced".


attraction=roller_coaster should be used to mark the extent of the ground area of the roller coaster (queues, building, fencing), and NOT the outer limits of all the track which can extend outside the attraction.

Tagging scheme for attraction=roller_coaster
Tag Notes
attraction=roller_coaster (required)
name=* Name. (optional)
rcdb_id=* ID in the Roller Coaster Database. (optional)
rcdb_url=* URL for the page in the Roller Coaster Database. (optional)
Tagging scheme for roller_coaster=track
Tag Notes
roller_coaster=track (required)
layer=* Possibly used to specify the layer relative to other sections of the track or other objects.
height=* The absolute height from the normal ground level.
name=* Name. (optional)
Tagging scheme for roller_coaster=station
Tag Notes
roller_coaster=station (required)
layer=* Possibly used to specify the layer relative to other objects
name=* Name. (optional)
building=yes (optional)
area=yes (optional)

Other values can be used for other roller coaster hardware.

Applies to

roller_coaster=track can only apply to linear objects way or relation while roller_coaster=station can be an area, relation or node.


The track can be rendered as existing railway=light_rail or railway=monorail. I don't think there needs to be any special rendering for the station, leaving that to the building=yes tag.

Features/Pages affected

attraction=roller_coaster is the 2nd most common value set for key:attraction as of January 2013, following attraction=animal.

Current use of roller_coaster=*


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