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Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Grille_Chompa
Tagging: runway=displaced_threshold
Applies to: ways
Definition: A portion of the runway proper behind its displaced threshold (which is a runway threshold located at a point other than the physical beginning or end of the runway)

Rendered as: A section of runway usually marked with white arrows pointing towards the wide white line across the runway (at the location of a displaced threshold). The part of the runway between the displaced threshold and the runway end is sometimes marked out visually by white arrows along the runway's centerline, and can be rendered accordingly. This section is part of the runway.
Draft started: 2020-11-10
RFC start: 2022-06-13


Formalize the use of a dedicated tag for displaced thresholds on aerodrome infrastructure.


[W] Displaced thresholds are a distinct and easily recognizable part of the built structures at an airport. They mark an optional section of runways that can be used for take-off but not for landing. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines displaced thresholds as being "on the runway" (AIM[1] PCG D-3). See also Runway#Sections on Wikipedia.

Displaced threshold on a diagram showing the parts of a runway

Displaced thresholds are often marked with a distinct centerline repeated arrow marking with the tip of the arrow pointing to the start/threshold of the runway it belongs to.


A way tagged as displaced threshold shown in JOSM on the backdrop of Bing satellite imagery at JFK airport.

Displaced Threshold JOSM example.png


aeroway=runway + runway=displaced_threshold to be tagged on the way positioned along the centerline of the displaced threshold. The direction of the way points towards the runway it belongs to.


Way rendered with same style as aeroway=runway. Bonus would be rendering the repeated arrow pattern of the marking as transparent cutouts.

Features/Pages affected

Aeroways description page - To be updated in the runway section to reflect the application of this tag.

External discussions

Discussion started in 2017 from the aeroway=runway discussion page


Current use as reported by taginfo:

First draft: aeroway=displaced_threshold

The initial version of this draft suggested using aeroway=displaced_threshold instead. Feedback and current usage suggested that most airline industry refer to displaced threshold as being part of the runway. See the taginfo comparison of usage of aeroway=displaced_threshold and runway=displaced_threshold

Please comment on the discussion page.


See the proposal for Proposed features/aeroway=stopway