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Status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: DavidDean
Tagging: service=parking
RFC start: 29 Jan 2018
Vote start: 12 Jan 2018


Rather than tagging the main service way through a parking lot with just a bare highway=service, with no service=* tag, it would be better to tag it as service=parking.


Without an appropriate service=* tag, it is difficult for data consumers and QA tools (like StreetComplete) to know if a particular service road is providing access to parking, or if it just hasn't been tagged yet with the appropriate service tag (like service=driveway, service=drive_thru, service=alley, etc.). This would work in tandem with service=parking_aisle which denotes subordinate parking ways.


This approach is already used on the map, as evidenced by taginfo.

One example from overpass including service=parking and service=parking_aisle is here.


Main parking ways should be tagged with highway=service, and service=parking. Subordinate parking ways should be tagged with highway=service, and service=parking_aisle. The surrounding area should be tagged with amenity=parking.

Applies to

Ways, less likely to affect nodes and relations.


Rendered as current highway=service with no service tag (thicker than service=parking_aisle).

Features/Pages affected

Changes will have to be made to the following pages:

External discussions

An email has been sent to the tagging mailing list, and should appear here shortly.

This is also the subject of an issue for the StreetComplete App here


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