Public transport in Jakarta

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Public transport in the Greater Jakarta area (Jabodetabek)

KRL Commuter Line

There are six main lines operated by KAI Commuter in the Greater Jakarta metropolitan area. Some lines can have multiple branches that start or end in different stations or deviate from the main line. Currently, five main lines and most branch lines have been mapped for both directions, as stated below.

KRL Commuter lines in operation
Name Route master relation Notes
TP Tanjung Priok Line (Jakarta Kota – Tanjung Priok) relation 17193009
T Tangerang Line (Duri – Tangerang) relation 17193464
R Rangkasbitung Line (Tanah Abang – Rangkasbitung) none Mapped already as two relations but without route master: relation 2922215 and relation 15094546
C Cikarang Loop Line (Cikarang/Bekasi – Kampung Bandan via Manggarai or Pasar Senen) relation 15097508 This line has seven branches that have already been mapped: two full racket loop routes, one half racket loop from Cikarang, two half racket routes from Bekasi, and two Manggarai feeder lines.
B Bogor Line (Jakarta Kota – Bogor) relation 16877214 Mapped already as two pairs of relation: a pair to Bogor and another pair to Nambo. The route from Jakarta Kota to Depok is yet to be mapped.

MRT Jakarta

MRT Jakarta lines in operation
Name Relation
North-South Line relation 9434553

LRT Jakarta

LRT Jakarta lines in operation
Name Relation
Velodrome-Pegangsaan Dua relation 10693161

Transjakarta bus rapid transit and city bus

Transjakarta bus service consists of bus rapid transit (BRT) and non-BRT bus service. BRT bus lines only serve passengers in high-floor shelters and use high-entry buses. Meanwhile, non-BRT bus lines can serve regular stops or shelters, and use low-deck buses (Metrotrans), medium buses (Minitrans), or regular high-deck buses.

Transjakarta dedicated bus lanes can be tagged separately as highway=busway. This tag only applies if the bus lane is fully separated from regular traffic road using barriers. If the bus lane has no physical separation from regular traffic, please avoid mapping it separately and add busway=lane to the regular traffic road instead. Please do not tag Transjakarta lanes as highway=bus_guideway because that is for systems like O-Bahn Busway in Adelaide which use rail-like guides or tracks. Some bus lanes are still tagged as highway=service and are in the process of converting to busways.

Transjakarta main BRT corridor routes in operation
Line Route Colour Route master relation
Corridor 1 Kota-Blok M #cf1d24 relation 16739342
Corridor 2 Pulo Gadung 1-Monas #264598 relation 6783311
Corridor 3 Kalideres-Monas #fbc715 relation 17020066
Corridor 4 Pulo Gadung 2-Galunggung #562a62 relation 14717457
Corridor 5 Ancol-Kampung Melayu #bc581a relation 16871390
Corridor 6 Ragunan-Galunggung #2ea43f relation 17011751
Corridor 7 Kampung Rambutan-Kampung Melayu #e1245a relation 16035086
Corridor 8 Lebak Bulus-Pasar Baru #cc2790 relation 17027438
Corridor 9 Corridor 9 Pinang Ranti-Pluit #409592 relation 16935599
Corridor 10 Corridor 10 Tanjung Priok-PGC #8e181e relation 16935599
Corridor 11 Corridor 11 Kampung Melayu-Pulo Gebang #2d4ca4 relation 17004173
Corridor 12 Corridor 12 Pluit-Tanjung Priok #62bb72 relation 16873303
Corridor 13 Corridor 13 Ciledug-Tegal Mampang #802b7c relation 13251860
Corridor 14 Corridor 14 Senen-JIS #ed882e relation 16732070


  • Create stop area relations for every station
  • Create separate relations for each direction of every line