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JOSM autofixes

(242) JOSM autofix - remove the "+" in layer tag, e.g. layer=+1 -> layer=1

(5,000) JOSM autofix - remove the "m" in the ele tag, e.g. ele=10m -> ele=10

(5,000) JOSM autofix - operator=ERDF -> operator=Enedis

Unnecessary tags

(439) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag "access" when "highway=proposed"

(HUGE! 116,000+) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag "motor_vehicle"

(1,400) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag bridge=no

(13,000) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag building=no

(1,350 - small cluster) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag elevation=0

(HUGE 85,000+) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag layer=0

(HUGE 90,000+) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary "area=yes" (no highway)

(HUGE 124,000+) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary "area=yes"

(1009) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary "area=yes" for aeroways

(9) JOSM autofix - emergency=permissive -> emergency=yes

Wikipedia tags

(3) JOSM autofix - replace "cz" with "cs" wikipedia prefix

(126) JOSM autofix - fix duplicate language prefixes in wikipedia tags

Suspicious Tag Combination

(6,194) JOSM autofix - "waterway" together with "bridge", setting bridge=aqueduct

(504) JOSM autofix - "postal_code" together with "addr:postcode", removing "addr:postcode"

(98,811) !!!DO NOT RUN - it will time out!!! JOSM autofix - "highway" together with "addr:postcode", moving "addr:postcode" to "postcode"

(586) JOSM autofix - natural water used for swimming pool, removing "natural"

(1,537) JOSM autofix - Same value of maxspeed:forward and maxspeed:backward, need to use maxspeed

(600) JOSM autofix - no unisex together with female and male. Remove female and male, set unisex. Hairdresser shops only.

(49) node[leisure=park][natural=tree] delete leisure JOSM autofix -


(4,260) Change oneway=1 to oneway=yes per JOSM autofix -


(15,434) rename source:geometry to source:position on nodes per JOSM autofix -

Wikipedia / Wikidata cleanup

De-duplicate identical wikidata and brand:wikidata

Deprecated features

Convert natural=marsh → natural=wetland + wetland=marsh

Proposed fixes

Tag renames

amenity=sanatorium ⟶ leisure=resort + resort=sanatorium


Cleanup religion=christian

Cleanup religion=christian, denomination=mormon/anglican

Cleanup religion=christian, denomination=catholic


Cleanup religion=muslim

Multiple Choice Challenges

Replace sport=diving with either sport=scuba_diving or sport=cliff_diving

Make amenity=education more specific

Make shop=furnace more specific

Make amenity=nursery and amenity=creche more specific

Make landuse=farm more specific

Make power=station more specific

Make landuse=wood more specific