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Imports and automated edits should only be carried out by those with experience and understanding of the way the OpenStreetMap community creates maps, and only with careful planning and consultation with the local community.
See Import/Guidelines and Automated Edits code of conduct for more information. Imports/automated edits which do not follow these guidelines might be reverted!

JOSM autofixes

(242) JOSM autofix - remove the "+" in layer tag, e.g. layer=+1 -> layer=1

(5,000) JOSM autofix - remove the "m" in the ele tag, e.g. ele=10m -> ele=10

(5,000) JOSM autofix - operator=ERDF -> operator=Enedis

Unnecessary tags

(439) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag "access" when "highway=proposed"

(HUGE! 116,000+) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag "motor_vehicle"

(1,400) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag bridge=no

(13,000) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag building=no

(1,350 - small cluster) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag elevation=0

(HUGE 85,000+) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary tag layer=0

(HUGE 90,000+) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary "area=yes" (no highway)

(HUGE 124,000+) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary "area=yes"

(1009) JOSM autofix - remove unnecessary "area=yes" for aeroways

(9) JOSM autofix - emergency=permissive -> emergency=yes

Wikipedia tags

(3) JOSM autofix - replace "cz" with "cs" wikipedia prefix

(126) JOSM autofix - fix duplicate language prefixes in wikipedia tags

Suspicious Tag Combination

(6,194) JOSM autofix - "waterway" together with "bridge", setting bridge=aqueduct

(504) JOSM autofix - "postal_code" together with "addr:postcode", removing "addr:postcode"

(98,811) !!!DO NOT RUN - it will time out!!! JOSM autofix - "highway" together with "addr:postcode", moving "addr:postcode" to "postcode"

(586) JOSM autofix - natural water used for swimming pool, removing "natural"

(1,537) JOSM autofix - Same value of maxspeed:forward and maxspeed:backward, need to use maxspeed

(600) JOSM autofix - no unisex together with female and male. Remove female and male, set unisex. Hairdresser shops only.

(49) node[leisure=park][natural=tree] delete leisure JOSM autofix -


(4,260) Change oneway=1 to oneway=yes per JOSM autofix -


(15,434) rename source:geometry to source:position on nodes per JOSM autofix -

Wikipedia / Wikidata cleanup

De-duplicate identical wikidata and brand:wikidata

Deprecated features

Convert natural=marsh → natural=wetland + wetland=marsh

Proposed fixes

Tag renames

amenity=sanatorium ⟶ leisure=resort + resort=sanatorium


Cleanup religion=christian

Cleanup religion=christian, denomination=mormon/anglican

Cleanup religion=christian, denomination=catholic


Cleanup religion=muslim

Multiple Choice Challenges

Replace sport=diving with either sport=scuba_diving or sport=cliff_diving

Make amenity=education more specific

Make shop=furnace more specific

Make amenity=nursery and amenity=creche more specific

Make landuse=farm more specific

Make power=station more specific

Make landuse=wood more specific