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Подключ tourism=camp_site используется для классификации кемпингов в соответствии с уровнем предоставляемых услуг Edit or translate this description.
Используется на элементах
точки можно отмечать этим тегомлинии не принято отмечать этим тегомполигоны можно отмечать этим тегомотношения можно отмечать этим тегом
Статус: одобреноPage for proposal

Это большая территория, которая содержит одну или несколько «площадок для разбивки лагеря». Площадка для кемпинга - это место, где ставится палатка для каравана, дом на колесах или семейные палатки. Это британская формулировка, выбор по умолчанию для OSM.


Этот ключ используется 2 способами:

  1. Подключ tourism=camp_site или tourism=caravan_site определяет 4 уровня, с точки зрения удобств. Это использование было approved in a proposal
  2. A key to map certain features within a camp site area. The most common of these are camp_site=camp_pitch and camp_site=pitch - which are both deprecated in favor of tourism=camp_pitch - and also camp_site=reception

Subkey camp_site=basic/standard/serviced/deluxe

Applies To

  • Applies to "legal" camp sites only. This may have different meanings in different parts of the world, see below.
  • This tag should always be associated with tourism=camp_site, usually by placing it within a tagged area.
  • The tag is intended to describe tourist-focused camps, not other facilities that also use the word "camp" such as refugee or emergency accommodation.


Although the four-level scheme below was approved years ago, it has not been widely used.

Tagging the key
camp_site=basic Nothing other than an area to pitch a tent or park a vehicle. Roadside stops, undeveloped parts of National Parks or crown land as long as it is feasible and legal to do so.
camp_site=standard basic + toilets and water. Sometimes those basic facilities are not on site but are nearby.
camp_site=serviced standard + shower + power. Commonly commercial operations, "lower end" camp sites.
camp_site=deluxe serviced + laundry and either a swimming pool or other large scale recreation facility.

Feature Tags

The most common way use of this key in the database is still camp_site=camp_pitch or camp_site=pitch to tag individual pitches within a camp site. This usage has been replaced by tourism=camp_pitch. There are also features mapped as camp_site=reception, from a previous proposal "Extend camp site".

As mentioned above, use of this key does not preclude the use of other keys to describe the facilities at the camp_site. Many are descibed at Proposed_features/camp_site_pitch. Other more general tags include:

"Legal" Camp Sites

This tag is designed to describe only camp sites that are legal. The mapper should ensure the site being mapped is legal in the same way he/she ensures other data they enter is as accurate as possible. However, "legal", when applied to camping, has quite different meanings in different parts of the world. This is particularly so in the lower level facilities, basic and standard. Depending on where the camp site is, at least the following are possible:

  • In jurisdictions where the default is to not allow camping: a positive indication that camping is permitted, a sign, a mention in official documents, etc.
  • In jurisdictions that allow camping by default: the absence of a sign or other indication may be enough to satisfy the mapper that the site is legal.

Please don't use this tag on sites where the legal status is unclear. It is inappropriate to use it on private property except where explicit permission has been granted (a commercial camp ground, for example) and it's clear that is the case. Don't use it where common use is the only indicator that camping is allowed.

Another tag, Proposed_features/camp_type, is probably a far better fit where the legal status is not clear. This tag is both an alternative and a possible complement to camp_site=*

Usage in Belgium

In Belgium, it is not allowed to camp in nature. However, a few disgnated areas called "Paalkampeerplaatsen" or "Bivakzones" are available and are mapped with "camp_site=basic". For more information, see WikiProject_Belgium/Bivakzones. For normal campings, the usual tagging is used.