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This section contains the basic english phrases. The bold names are identifying the phrase, so that it's translations can be found.

please keep the structure intact to allow automatic parsing of this wiki-page

destination_reached "Вы прибыли в пункт назначения." Вы прибыли в пункт назначения.

destination_reached_DISTANCE "Через (distance) (unit) вы прибудете в пункт назначения." Через 50 метров вы прибудете в пункт назначения.

turn_around "Развернитесь, где это будет возможно!" Развернитесь, где это будет возможно!

turn_around_DISTANCE "Развернитесь через (distance) (unit)!" Развернитесь через 200 метров!

turn_DIRECTION "Поверните (direction)!" Поверните налево!

turn_DIRECTION_SIGNPOST "Поверните (direction) в направлении (destinations)!" Поверните налево в направлении Москва!

turn_DIRECTION_NAME "Поверните (direction) на (streetname)!" Поверните налево на Центральная ул.!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE "Через (distance) (unit) поверните (direction)!" Через 2 км поверните налево!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_NAME "Через (distance) (unit) поверните (direction) на (streetname)!" Через 2 км поверните налево на Центральная ул.!

turn_DIRECTION_DISTANCE_SIGNPOST "Через (distance) (unit) поверните (direction) в направлении (destinations)!" Через 2 км поверните налево в направлении Москва!

take_EXIT "В (numbers) съезд!" В первый съезд!

take_SIGNPOST "Следуйте в съезд в направлении (destinations)!" Следуйте в съезд в направлении Москва!

take_EXIT_SIGNPOST "Следуйте в (numbers) съезд в направлении (destinations)!" Следуйте в первый съезд в направлении Москва!

take_EXIT_KEEP_SIGNPOST "Следуйте в (numbers) съезд, затем примите (direction) в направлении (destinations)!" Следуйте в первый съезд, затем примите налево в направлении Москва !

take_KEEP_SIGNPOST "Please take the exit, then keep (direction) towards (destinations)!" Please take the exit, then keep left towards CityA!

enter_roundabout "Please enter the roundabout!" Please enter the roundabout!

enter_roundabout_EXIT "Please enter the roundabout. Then take the (numbers)!" Please enter the roundabout. Then take the second exit!

enter_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE "In (distance) (unit) enter the roundabout. Then take the (numbers)!" In 1.2 Km enter the roundabout. Then take the second exit!

over_roundabout_EXIT "Please cross the roundabout, (numbers)." Please cross the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_EXIT_DISTANCE "In (distance) (unit) cross the roundabout, (numbers)." In 1.2 Km cross the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT "Please turn (direction) in the roundabout, (numbers)." Please turn left in the roundabout, third exit.

over_roundabout_DIRECTION_EXIT_DISTANCE "In (distance) (unit) turn (direction) in the roundabout, (numbers)." In 1.2 Km turn left in the roundabout, third exit.

follow_NAME "Следуйте по (name)!"

follow_NAME_DISTANCE "Следуйте по (name) на протяжении (distance) (unit)!"



direction/left "налево"

direction/right "направо"

direction/left/hard "сильно налево"

direction/right/hard "сильно направо"

direction/left/slight "немного налево"

direction/right/slight "немного направо"


numbers/first_exit "первый съезд"

numbers/second_exit "второй съезд"

numbers/third_exit "третий съезд"

numbers/fourth_exit "четвертый съезд"

numbers/fifths_exit "пятый съезд"


time/day/singular "день"

time/day/plural "дней"

time/hour/singular "час"

time/hour/plural "часов"

time/minute/singular "минута"

time/minute/plural "минут"

time/second/singular "секунда"

time/second/plural "секунд"


units/kph "км/ч"

units/mph "миль/ч"

units/ms "м/с"

units/km "км"

units/m "м"

units/miles "миль"


places/start "начало"

places/destination/singular "пункт назначения"

places/destination/plural "пункты назначения"

places/home "дом"

places/poi "POI"

places/poi/trainstation "Ж/д вокзал"

places/poi/toilet "туалет"

places/poi/phone "телефон"

places/poi/gas "АГЗ"

places/labels/city "город"

places/labels/street "улица"

places/labels/housenumer/long "дом номер"

places/labels/housenumer/short "д."

places/labels/zipcode "индекс"


metric/fastest "быстрейший маршрут"

metric/shortest "кратчайший маршрут"

metric/fuelefficient "экономичный маршрут"

common labels

labels/search "поиск"

labels/vehicle "транспорт"

labels/fullscreen "полно-экранный"

labels/exit "выход"

labels/comport "com-порт"

labels/baudrate "скорость порта"

labels/time "время"

labels/destination_time "время прибытия"

labels/route_me "проложить маршрут"

labels/help "помощь"

labels/settings "установки"

labels/preferences "настройки"

labels/abort "отмена"

labels/ok "OK"

labels/map "карта"

labels/open_map "отрыть карту"

labels/import_map "импорт карты"

labels/download "скачать"

labels/download_map "скачать карту"

labels/map/autorotate "авто-поворот карты"

labels/map/autocenterGPS "авто-центрирование карты"

labels/map/centerGPSonce "центрировать на GPS"

labels/map/showGPStrail "показать трек"

Translation of routing applications

These pages are collecting translations for russian.

Please contact the developers of the following applications if you have missing or improved translations for the linked documents that go beyond what we have here on these pages.

Routing applications: