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  • The new mapping bike of Stéphane Péneau 1 | Image by Stéphane Péneau under CC-BY-SA

О нас

  • This year's OSM donation drive is still running. weeklyOSM says thank you to: Peter Karich (Graphhopper) for 1000 Euro, Florian Schenk (500 Euro), Viktar Shcherb (OsmAnd team) for 300 Euro, Andreas Geyer-Schulz, Markus Hallermann, Henri Geist and Julian Hollingbery each for 200 Euro and all the other donors to OSMF.


  • Last week Mexico launched (автоматический перевод) their first cableway for public transportation: the ‘Mexicable’. The importance of the Mexicable is that it will be able to transport people from the poor neighborhoods of the suburbs of the capital. @federicomena asked (automatic translation) OSMers in Mexico to help map the stations. A week later the stations were mapped on OSM.
  • Ziltoidium asks (Deutsch) in the German Forum, whether one can exert influence on bicycle routing by means of special tagging. (автоматический перевод)
  • Claudio Cossio reported about photomapping in Cuba on the occasion of the International Free Software Conference .
  • The weekly roundup by Krishna Nammala (Mapbox) about suspicious changes that were commented or reverted.


  • ImreSamu has written a diary entry after reading Michal Migurski's blog post that talked about robot mapping. Influenced by Sadya Nadella's "laws of robotics" (which was of course influenced by Asimov), ImreSamu suggests what rules robot mappers should have to adhere to.
  • There's discussion in the DE forum about the tone and etiquette used in discussions, including changeset comment discussions, with reference to the draft community code of conduct that has lain ignored in the wiki for some years (including a suggestion, perhaps not entirely serious, for a "Ministry of Truth Working Group"). There's also been discussion of codes of conduct elsewhere, such as for OSM website and "Standard" map style development.
  • Guillaume is looking for documentation for uMap in English. As a basis for a new one, commentors suggest (Französisch) the French version.
  • Christoph Hormann shares his views about the OSM Awards in his OSM diary.
  • [1] Stéphane Péneau presents his new mapping bike. Stephane explains the system here: Part1 and Part2
  • The Swiss SOSM updated their installation of uMap to the latest version.
  • On you can order your T-shirt with the Craftmapper design as it was distributed at SotM.

Фонд OpenStreetMap

  •, a payment service you have to use if you use Flattr, owes the OSMF £ 500 and refuses to pay its debts.


  • Harry Wood published a recap of this year's SotM in the OSM blog.
  • Daniel and Victor reminds about this year's SotM LatAm (Latin America) that takes place in São Paulo from 25 to 27 November (Brazilian Portuguese).
  • In Tuscany (in the area of Alta Versilia) a hiking mapping party took place (Italian) from September 30 until October 02.

Гуманитарный OSM

  • Fredy Rivera called on October 10 for help to map two threatened villages around the volcano Cerro Machín (автоматический перевод) in Colombia. The mapping is already finished: Task1, Task2. It would be nice if experienced JOSM mappers could validate the data.


  • Anton of Transit wrote a very detailed and quite interesting explanation of how they autogenerate their transit maps for their supported cities worldwide.

Открытые данные

  • DigitalGlobe delivered the latest satellite imagery after Hurricane Matthew's catastrophe in Haiti under a CC BY license for humanitarian organizations such as HOT and the American Red Cross. Many of the images are also now available in OpenAerialMap, both for download and as map services.


  • Klokan Technologies (known for their OSM2VectorTiles) started OSMNames, a new project that features basic place search functionality.
  • Mapzen published a new API called Libpostal to expand address data into component parts (like house number, street, city etc.).
  • Kepta, a GSoC intern, summarizes his contribution over the summer. He worked on building a lane editor for iD.


Программа Версия Дата релиза Комментарии
Grass Gis 7.0.5 2016-10-02 150 stability fixes and manual improvements
OSRM Backend 5.4.0 2016-10-04 Improved guidance and lane support, many other changes
Traccar Client iOS 3.1 2016-10-04 Build against iOS 10 SDK.
Osmose Backend v1.0-2016-10-06 2016-10-06 Нет информации
Komoot Android * var 2016-10-10 Нет информации
Mapillary iOS * 4.4.17 2016-10-08 Two bugs fixed while transfering Images.

А вы знаете …

  • ... that you can use BBBike to extract an area from Planet.osm and convert it into one of many supported formats?
  • ... WhirlyGlobes Maply, a toolkit for Android and iOS that provides visualizations in OpenGL ES for maps with many features?


  • The University of Gijon held an experimental workshop (автоматический перевод) within the framework of the INCUNA VIII Conference in which free use technologies are used to collect data of all kinds, visible and invisible, on buildings. The underlying intention (apart from practicing with OSM) is to extract useful information about the potential and use of public space.

Другие “гео” события

  • One year after the historic agreement in the border conflicts between India and Bangladesh the Indian-Bangladeshi enclaves are still in Google Maps.
  • Wendy Lee from the San Francisco Chronicle reported from the Google Summit in California, where Jen Filzpatrick (Head of Google Maps) talks about the challenge of creating maps for self-driving cars. The competition like Mapillary is mentioned. The OSM-based Trulia website is also mentioned in relation to the limits of Google Maps' timeliness.

Предстоящие события

Where What When Country
Берлин 100. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch 10/14/2016 Германия
Bouaké State of the Map West Africa (étape Côte d'Ivoire), Anphithéâtre B, Université Alassane Ouattara 10/15/2016 ivory coast
Nantes Initiation à OpenStreetMap, Fête de la Science 10/15/2016-10/16/2016 Франция
Берлин Hack Weekend 10/15/2016-10/16/2016 Германия
Токио 東京!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第1回 哲学堂公園 10/15/2016 Япония
Favara Mapping party dei vicoli, cortili, scalinate, archi e orti del centro antico di Favara, Organizzato dalla Molitec, Farm Cultural Park e Tivissima 10/16/2016 Италия
Бонн Bonner Stammtisch 10/18/2016 Германия
Ноттингем Ноттингем 10/18/2016 Великобритания
Scotland Эдинбург 10/18/2016 Великобритания
Брюссель Meetup at Café de Markten 10/18/2016 Бельгия
Люнебург Mappertreffen Lüneburg 10/18/2016 Германия
Elda Mapping Party Elda 10/19/2016 Испания
Карлсруэ Stammtisch 10/19/2016 Германия
Espoo OSM kahvit 10/20/2016 Финляндия
Colorado Humanitarian Mapathon University of Northern Colorado, Greeley 10/20/2016 us
Maastricht Mapping the new Arriva Busses 10/20/2016 the netherlands
Tampere OSM kahvit 10/21/2016 Финляндия
Essen Stammtisch 10/21/2016 Германия
Nara マッピングパーティ奈良2016・西大寺 10/22/2016 Япония
Graz Stammtisch 10/24/2016 Австрия
Bremen Bremer Mappertreffen 10/24/2016 Германия
Уршпринг Stammtisch Ulmer Alb 10/25/2016 Германия
Düsseldorf Stammtisch 10/26/2016 Германия
Antwerp Missing Maps @ IPIS 10/26/2016 Бельгия
Colorado Humanitarian Mapathon Colorado State University, Fort Collins 10/27/2016 us
Omihachiman 近江八幡漫遊マップづくり 第2回諸国・浪漫マッピングパーティー 10/29/2016 Япония
Карлсруэ Hack Weekend 10/29/2016-10/30/2016 Германия
Тайбэй Taipei Meetup, Mozilla Community Space 10/31/2016 Тайвань
Rostock OSM Stammtisch Rostock 11/01/2016 Германия
Stammtisch 11/02/2016 Германия
Dresden Stammtisch 11/03/2016 Германия
Wien Hack Evening (58. Wiener Stammtisch) 11/03/2016 Австрия
Levoča Mapping party Levoča 11/04/2016-11/06/2016 slovakia
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