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Public-images-osm logo.svg bridge
relation used to link the various elements needed to map large or complex bridges Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: Bridges
  • way - across
  • way - under
  • way - on_bridge
  • area - outline
  • way area - edge


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Status: proposedPage for proposal

The bridge relation is used to group the various objects that combine to accurately map the functions and structures of a bridge.

Adding a man_made=bridge tag for this relationship is inappropriate, rather, this tag should only be given to the bridge's outline (which must be a member with the role outline of this relation).

Functionally, this relation does not add any new information for typical bridges, it only duplicates the existing ones. All information it may contain can almost always be added per area by adding them along with the man_made=bridge tag.

Suggested tags

Tag Value Description
type bridge/tunnel Identifies a relationship as representing a bridge or tunnel.
layer layer number If omitted, assume 1 for a bridge and -1 for a tunnel; sometimes a bridge crosses above or runs beneath another bridge, so 2 may be needed.
name name
Shark Creek Bridge plaque.jpg
The name most commonly used in everyday, native conversation to refer to a bridge or tunnel (e.g., “Tower Bridge”).
ref reference identifier
Bridge over Merced River.jpg
Bridges are sometimes numbered or assigned a similarly styled unique identifier within regional, national and/or international catalogs (e.g. along canals in the United Kingdom)
height height (in meters)
The height of the bridge as measured from ground level to the deck surface of the bridge (usually learned from a plaque(s) placed at the ends of the bridge or on its railing).
length length (in meters) The length of the bridge as measured between its outermost supports.
operator entity name The entity responsible for the bridge's use, safety and/or maintenance (e.g. "Network Rail").

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