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Radar beacons

The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts.

This page defines values for the "seamark:radar_transponder:category" tags and other attributes applied to fog signals.

Type S100 code seamark:type Definition Rendering
Radar transponder beacon RTPBCN radar_transponder A transponder beacon transmitting a coded signal on radar frequency, permitting an interrogating craft to determine the bearing and range of the transponder. RadarStation.png


Category (CATRTB) seamark:radar_transponder:category Definition
Ramark ramark A radar marker beacon which continuously transmits a signal appearing as a radial line on a radar screen, the line indicating the direction of the beacon.
Racon racon a radar beacon which returns a coded signal which provides identification of the beacon, as well as range and bearing. The range and bearing are indicated by the location of the first character received on the radar screen.
Leading racon/radar transponder beacon leading A radar beacon that may be used (in conjunction with at least one other radar beacon) to indicate a leading line.

Other attributes

Attribute seamark:radar_transponder:<attribute> Value type Definition
Value of maximum range (VALMXR) range Decimal The maximum range at which the signal can be detected in nautical miles.
Radar wave length (RADWAL) wavelength Text The distance between two successive peaks (or other points of identical phase) on an electromagnetic wave in the radar band of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Signal group (SIGGRP) group Text The number of signals, the combination of signals or the morse character(s) within one period of full sequence.
Signal sequence (SIGSEQ) sequence Text The sequence of times occupied by intervals of signal on and signal off.
Signal period (SIGPER) period Decimal Time of the time occupied by an entire cycle of intervals of signals on and signals off.
Sector limit one (SECTR1) sector_start Decimal The sector limit 1 specifies the first limit of the sector. The order of sector limit 1 and sector limit 2 is clockwise around the central object.
Sector limit two (SECTR2) sector_end Decimal The sector limit 2 specifies the second limit of the sector. The order of sector limit 1 and sector limit 2 is clockwise around the central object.


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