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System Administrators

Maintenance Log


OpenStreetMap has an internal server naming theme based on fictional dragons, as in "here be dragons".

Server Name Ideas

Domain names


IP Addresses


An automatically updated list of the hardware in use is available at

Tile caching servers GeoDNS Map

Tile rendering servers GeoDNS Map


UCL - Wolfson House

Name Model IP Address Stats
kvm1  ? -

Power Strips

UCL - Wolfson House

Name Model IP Address Stats
raritan1  ? - -
raritan2  ? - -

UCL - Wates House - Not In Use

Name Model IP Address Stats
apc1 AP7950 munin
apc2 AP8959 munin
apc3 AP8959 munin

Network Switches

UCL - Wolfson House

Name Model Purpose IP Address Stats
netgear1  ? Internal (top of rack) - -
netgear2 JGS524F Internal (bottom of rack) N/A -
netgear3 JGS524? Unused N/A -


Up and running

The Platform Status page should have details of individual servers


Server Upgrade Notes


Aug 2009 server re-organisation: photos, blog

External Servers

There are some other servers that could be used by our users.

Local Chapters

Flag of Germany GermanyFOSSGIS Servers

Flag of Russia RussiaOSM Servers in Rambler