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Available languages — OSM Servers in Rambler
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In the beginning of 2011 Rambler had offered server capacity for OpenStreetMap project. The offer is primarily intended for russian OSM segment.

What? Why? How?

Servers may be used to host any project directly related to OSM, you just need to contact AMDmi3. A request should contain project description, list of required third-party software, and expected cpu/memory/network/disk load. Project source should be available on GitHub.

Running projects

URL Owner Description Status
glosm.openstreetmap.ru AMDmi3 3D OSM Operational, updated by hand
lowzoom.openstreetmap.ru AMDmi3 detailed lowzoom tiles created from zoom 9 with tiletool Operational, updated by hand
ot.openstreetmap.ru Stud555 public transport unfinished, doesn't work?
navitel.openstreetmap.ru ? conversion into Navitel format ?
jxapi.openstreetmap.ru Glebius Xapi ?
vwo.openstreetmap.ru Scaurr0ck water object validation ?
stat.latlon.org (osm.sbin.ru/stat) Shurik by-country and by-region user statistics Operational, updated automatically
osm.sbin.ru/esr Shurik xUSSR railroad station validator Operational, updated manually
osm.sbin.ru/ov3/info Shurik RU:OrbView-3 WMS service ?
overpass.openstreetmap.ru Roland Overpass API, an alternative to XAPI See Overpass API status page
openstreetmap.ru ErshKUS Russian OSM community site Operational
garmin.openstreetmap.ru Max Vasilev ex-USSR area dumps for redaction period Operational, updated daily by schedule
taginfo.openstreetmap.ru, *.taginfo.openstreetmap.ru AMDmi3 taginfo for Russia and some neighbor countries Operational, updated by hand
catalog.openstreetmap.ru AMDmi3 tag catalog viewer Operational, updated automatically
geocaching.openstreetmap.ru rumigu validator of geocaching.su cache reachability Operational, updated automatically
zverik.openstreetmap.ru/whodidit Zverik OSM change history by tiles operational, updated hourly
zverik.openstreetmap.ru/gps Zverik planet-wide GPX tiles static files, updated manually
gis-lab.info/data/mp gryphon convertion into Garmin format Operational
atd.openstreetmap.ru fserges administrative divisions validator operational, update by hand

Available machines

host software hardware purpose
db0.openstreetmap.ru FreeBSD 9 8 core Xeon 2,13GHz, 24Gb RAM, 12 x 2Tb HDD database, homedirs
worker1.openstreetmap.ru FreeBSD 9 Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2GHz, 4Gb RAM, 2 x 1Tb HDD http server for most projects
worker2.openstreetmap.ru FreeBSD 9 8 core Xeon 2.8GHz, 64Gb RAM, 3 x 150Gb HDD Overpass API
worker3.openstreetmap.ru FreeBSD 9 8 core Xeon 2.8GHz, 64Gb RAM, 3 x 150Gb HDD planet extracts by Ezhick
win1.openstreetmap.ru Windows 2008 Server R2 Standard Athlon 64 X2 4800+ 2.5GHz, 4Gb RAM, 150Gb+465Gb+465Gb HDD Windows server for running ugly proprietary software

Databases on db0

Database actuality is available here

openstreetmap database

Software — PostgreSQL 8.4.

Scheme is taken osmosis-0.38 distribution, which means it matches scheme used on OSM servers at the moment osmosis-0.38 was released (API). Any significant changes of the scheme are only possible if current scheme is no longer supported by osmosis, or if changes are so important it is worth the time and effort (changes which doesn't require much time and effort will be introduced timely).

The base is updated with minnute diffs, maximum lag related to OSM servers whouldn't exceed 5 minutes.

The database is only available in read-only mode (SELECT). Access is available for anyone with useful and working OSM-related projects. Personal database with full access for storing own data is provided as well, upon request.

osm_simple database

Software PostgreSQL 8.4. + Postgis 1.5

Schema used is postgis_simple from osmosis-0.38 distribution (pgsql_simple_schema_0.6.sql).

Replication, access and scheme change policy is the same as with openstreetmap database.

Personal databases

A user may be provided personal PostgreSQL database with full access. Requests for these are to be directed to Ezhick, please don't forget to specify desired login, password, whether postgis or additional language support is needed.

Personal MySQL databases are available as well. Requests are to be directed to Scaurr0ck.


For questions related to FreeBSD boxes access and software installation please contact Glebius and AMDmi3.

For windows server (win1) access and software installation, you may contact Fortress.

The contacts for database administration on db0 server are Ezhick (PostgreSQL), and Scaurr0ck (MySQL)

Direct Rambler contacts

Official entry point and main technical contact is Konstantin Kukushkin dark @ rambler-co.ru.

Glebius, AMDmi3, Ezhick and Fortress can ask datacenter operators to perform simple tasks such as server reboot.