Sonoma County Building and Address Import

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Current Status

In accordance with the Import/Guidelines:

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Sonoma County has published building footprint and parcel/address datasets on their GIS hub:

Our goal is to add missing buildings and addresses in Sonoma County to OSM to make OSM more useful for navigation in the area. The data doesn't appear to be licensed, but we anticipate it to be in the public domain and are in the process of contacting them to be sure.

We're basing this import on the Hamilton County Building Import since that too used county GIS building/parcel data.

Why does this belong in OSM?

Many OSM client programs have trouble finding places without addresses specifically entered into OSM (like OsmAnd), and/or (in the case of StreetComplete) only allow contributions on existing features like buildings (you can't add your own building or address.) So, importing buildings especially with authoritative addresses attached will make OSM a valuable resource for Sonoma County residents and visitors.

Interested Parties


All imported objects will be buildings. We will be attempting to use county usecode data to assign building tags based on the parcel land use, or leave it as building=yes if unknown.

We will generally avoid putting address tags on buildings in the city of Santa Rosa due to the previous address POI import, however not all addresses have city information attached.

Data Processing

Similar to Hamilton County Building Import -- see Github for details.

All buildings run through a conflation process, and we will not be importing or modifying any buildings that have been detected as intersecting an existing building.

Data Quality/Validation

So far via spot checking the data seems very high quality. Building outlines for example are often far more accurate than OSM's existing data. Addresses are sometimes hard to assign from parcels to buildings, however the quality seems as accurate as can be expected without extremely high quality data sources or surveys. The JOSM validator will be run on select data as a next step.

Import Workflow

See Github for specific instructions.

Team and Supporters