South African Tagging Guidelines

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Specific tagging guidelines for South Africa

Uploading GPS track logs

Please always upload gps points with the tag "South_Africa" so other people can search for it Recently Uploaded tracks

Proposed standards for tagging ways:

Road type Keys Description Example Photo
Any freeway highway=motorway
Divided highway with limited access - i.e. on/off ramps. N1, M5 - only where they are freeways
N roads highway=trunk
The primary network of highways connecting the country together - national roads and the main provincial roads. N1, N3 (where they are not freeways)
2-digit R roads highway=primary
Major routes off the national highway network. R27, R43 (where they are not freeways)
3-digit R roads highway=secondary
Minor inter-town routes. R101, R326 (where they are not freeways)
"low-number" M roads highway=primary
The major roads within a metropolitan area. M3, M12 (where they are not freeways)
"high-number" M roads highway=secondary
Smaller main roads within a metropolitan area. M52 (where they are not freeways)
other roads highway=unclassified
Everything else.

Also have a look at Map features

Translating street-name abbreviations

When using the name=* tag on streets you should use the full name, not an abbreviation (i.e. Main Street, not Main St). The following table lists some abbreviations and their English/Afrikaans equivalents.

English Afrikaans
Abbreviations Name Abbreviations Name
AL Alley Steeg
AVE Avenue LN Laan
BLVD Boulevard Kringweg/boulevard
CL Close
CRES Crescent SGL Singel
DR Drive RLN Rylaan
PL Place Oord
RD Road WEG Weg
ST, STR Street ST, STR Straat