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This page is maintained by Michael Bemmerl. It contains information about development-related stuff for Srtm2Osm project that converts SRTM relief data to OSM Contours objects.

The Code

On January 21st 2008 Igor Brejc added the Srtm2Osm project code to the OSM SVN server. Due to the deprecation of SVN, this project was moved to GitHub. The new repository URL:

The Build


Basically, you only need Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.6.2 Developer Pack to build Srtm2Osm. All of the other stuff (3rd party libraries and tools) are included with the source (lib subdirectory).

The solution and project files are for Visual Studio 16 (Visual Studio Community 2019).

Build Procedure

Start BuildSrtm2Osm.bat file in a console window. It will do some magical stuff, like building (obviously), running FxCop to check for inconsistencies, generating source code docs in HTML pages (using doxygen) and zipping the build into the Builds directory.

If you want to open the solution in VisualStudio and build manually, you still have to run the above build procedure before that, since it creates some autogenerated source files needed to build the code manually.

The Release

Steps to do to build Srtm2Osm for a new "official" release:

  1. Increment the major / minor version number in Srtm2Osm.ProjectVersion.txt. The build and revision part of the version number will be automatically generated, so leave them as zeros.
  2. Edit the ReleaseNotes.txt and add your important changes.
  3. Change the ReleaseStartDate property in (date format: MM/DD/YYYY).
  4. Start the usual build procedure.
  5. Sign and upload the resulting zip file to the server. The hosting of that zip file is currently done by User:Michi2.
  6. Edit the Srtm2Osm wiki page to include the changes you made.