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There will be an IRC disussion session on IRC (irc:// at 20:00 GMT on 8th Febuary 2007, See Agenda below (please add stuff as appropriate).

Organisational Responsibilities

Please volunteer for a responsibility at the next IRC meeting.

  • Registration and Programme - Nickb
  • Finance, budget, time line - 80n
  • Exhibitors and Sponsors - SteveC
  • Promotion and Press - Blackadder
  • AV, Facilities - rjmunro
  • Desk Management -

Final Week Check-list

List out the things that still need to be done and add you name if doing and when done. I know some of these are done but good as a final check to know who is taking what up to Manchester.

  • Print programmes - Done (Nickb)
  • Lanyards (80n)
  • Badge holders (80n)
  • Printed Name Badges (Plus spare blanks and marker pen)
  • Conference bags (80n)
  • Pens
  • Notebooks - Done (blackadder)
  • T Shirts - Done (nickb) - SteveC bringing them up
  • Direction posters - Printed - some being laminated (blackadder)
  • Main A3 "sponsors" posters - at printers (blackadder)
  • Blank registration forms (80n)
  • Cash Tin (80n)
  • Bottles of water for speakers/speakers room (any from caterers?) (Grant bringing 12x500ml bottles)
  • wifi access codes (Martin/80n)
  • Whiteboard markers (80n)
  • Flipchart and paper (80n)
  • Press packs
  • Bluetak & tape (blackadder)
  • Extension power cables

Things to do

Admin stuff on the day

  • Desk Management - around 10 people will be needed to staff the desk from 8.30am to 9.30am. From then on, we'll need at least a couple of people on the desk all the time to do stuff like:
    • Hand out thsirts
    • Hand out name badges
    • Answer questions
    • Hand out press packs/info
    • Selling merchandise - eg Tshirts, mugs, whatever (have your photo taken with steveC for £4.99?)

Other Stuff on the Day

  • Conference chairing - someone to introduce the speakers etc - Nickb can do some of this as I'm not talking
  • AV provision - Rjmunro is in charge of this
    • Audio - providing mics for the speakers
    • Making sure the audio works before sat morning
  • WIFI - user:nickb - I reckon we don't bother with wifi. Perhaps have wired access for presenters?
  • Photos - would be cool to have someone taking photos and uploading to Flikr/whatever
  • White Board

Stuff that needs doing before the conference

  • Name badges need printing for people who have signed up already and we'll need blank ones for walk ins
  • Press info needs putting together
  • Signs need making so people know where to go within the building
  • Lunches needs organising
    • Multimap will sponsor one day (prob sun as Sean will be there)
    • Need to order in the lunch from somewhere - eg local sandwhich shop. Check if this is OK with the uni
    • Someone else for the other day
  • Dinner needs organising - buffet in a nearby restaurant that has a private room (100-150 ppl)? A BBQ could be good - but nowhere to hold it, might rain.
  • Panel session on legal stuff needs arranging. Volunteers.

Site Visit on 20 June

  • Check out accommodation options - Some details obtained
  • Check out Audio/PA facilities (for Jon Oates) - Need to discuss with Jon / Jamie
    1. Roughly how large the room is (eg small seminar room, small lecture room, large auditorium etc) - 98 seater main lecture theatre. A larger one is available but there are other cons for it.
    2. What audio / PA equipment is there and will we have access to it (eg amplifier & speakers, mixer, stand-mounted microphones, wireless microphones etc). If not, do I need to bring PA equipment in addition to recording gear? It also depends on number of attendees. - Need to discuss if any PA equipment is needed. The lecture hall probably won't need amplification.
    3. Similar information about the breakout room(s) for parallel session - DONE
    4. Anything else you think relevant (eg location of equipment in relation to podium, is there a separate AV room/projection box, location of mains power sockets) - DONE
  • Check out room layouts and facilities - DONE
  • Check out catering options - Discuss further
  • Check out dinner options - Curry Mile - Restaurant needs booking - Now DONE Blackadder 23:07, 5 July 2007 (BST)
  • Select pub for pre-dinner drinks - DONE

Past meetings


See: State Of The Map 2007/Logo

--Olly 21:59, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

Potential Sponsors

We are looking for sponsors to cover costs of the conference. If anyone has any ideas, add the names below. When we have a Conf site up, we'll contact them officially.

GPS Manurfacturers

  • Garmin

GIS People

  • Autodesk
  • Cadcorp

Other Friends of OSM

  • Nestoria
  • Multimap


We need to tell people the conference is on!

  • Guardian Free Our Data - detail sent to Charles Arthur 29-05-07 - by Steve8
  • Magazines
  • Blogs - 29-05-07 Steve8 sent email to bloggers: Ed Parsons [1], Schuyler Erle, Map Room, Dan Catt [2], allpointsblog, Ed Mac Gillavray [3], veryspatial, mapperz [4], and Dan Karran [5] (plus Nick B [6] and Richard F [7]) - linked if info appeared. Podcast recorded for link from [8] on Jun 10.
  • Event syndication sites:
    • [9] - added 3 June 2007
    • [10] - added 17 February 2007
    • [11] Cartography Calendar of Events - added 19 February 2007
    • [12] BCS Calendar of Events - added 19 February 2007
    • [13] Very Spatial Calendar - added 20 February 2007
  • Universities
    • [14] UCL Geomatic Engineering Department
    • [15] UCL Geography Department
    • [16] Edinburgh University Geography Department
    • [17] Leeds University Geography - Course Coordinator - - Dr Andrew Evans
    • [18] Sheffield University GIS -
    • [19] The Geodata institute, Uni Southampton -
    • [20] Kingston University GIS - Dr Andy Swan -

  • Standards Bodies and other organisations
  • [21] The AGI
  • OSGEO -
  • CartoSoc - - contacted by Andy R, and again by Steve8 on 14-06-07
  • [22] Public GeoData - Jo Walsh
  • Hacker groups

Nice Pics for the website

The State of the Map conference 2007