State Of The Map 2007/Who's going?

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Interested in attending?

You'll need to register at the State of the Map website - but if you want to tell others that you're attending, post your name here.

Name E-mail Address Note
Phil Winstanley
Dan Karran dan at karrandotnet
User: Urbanwide deb at urbanwide dot com can't make it that weekend
Frankie Roberto frankie @ Booked.
User:Steve8 steve8 at
Richard Fairhurst richard at
John Fagan john at multimap dot com
Russ Phillips openstreetmap AT phillipsuk -dot- org
User:Rw use user mail
Grant Slater openstreetmap AT firefishy dot com Staying at Ibis Portland Street
User:Batchoy guy AT graviles-reynolds dot org
Nick Burch (Gagravarr) openstreetmap AT gagravarr -dot- org
John Drinkwater
User:robert openstreetmap ~ riscott ukfsn org
Tom Higginson higgy+osmwiki at bandnet dot org
Blackadder andy at
David Groom reviews at pacific-rim DOT net
NickB nickblack1 gmail com
NickH nick at nickhill dot co dot uk
Frank Mohr f_mohr .at. ARR MAN 13 JUL 13h00 / DEP MAN 16 JUL 18h15 / stay at Ibis Portland Street
Ralf Zimmermann Use email via wiki (RalfZ) Would love to be there, but can't make it.
Petter Reinholdtsen pere at
John McKerrell john at mckerrell dot net
Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam dot net
Chris Fleming me @ chrisfleming dot org Arriving @ 3:30pm by Train, Staying in Portland Street Ibis
User:Archaeogeek jo dot k dot cook at googlemail dot com
Nick Whitelegg nick at hogweed dot org
SlowRider ce add christeck dodd de
Pete Ferne petef at bristolwireless dot net
Etienne 80n80n at gmail dot com
Andrew Turner andrew at highearthorbit dot com
Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd dot biz May be able to offer lift from West Yorkshire
Knut Arne Bjørndal bob+osm at cakebox dot net Arriving at Liverpool airport friday 13th 19:50, staying at the Days hotel. Anybody else arriving at the same time?
Abigail Brady morwen at Staying at Gardens hotel friday-sunday. Euston <-> Piccadilly
Ojw sotm at Staying at Atrium apartments friday-monday
ivansanchez ivansanchez at escomposlinux dot org Probably staying at the Hatters hostel
Celso González celso at mitago dot net can't make it
Michael J. ARR MAN 13 JUL 20:05 / DEP MAN 16 JUL 20:45 / stay at Ibis Portland Street Manchester
Hakan Tandogan hakan at gurkensalat dot com can't make it :-(
Cheng Yu yc at gurkensalat dot com can't make it :-(
Jon Oates jdloates at gmail dot com
Frederik Ramm ARR MAN 13 JUL 19h25 / DEP MAN 15 JUL 20h00 / stay at Ibis Charles/Princes St
Tom Hughes ARR MAN 13 JUL 23h05 / DEP MAN 15 JUL 18h05 / stay at Ibis Charles/Princes St
Sebastian Spaeth (spaetz) ARR MAN 13 JUL 13:05
Laurence Penney [x = lorp] 13th to 16th July
Mike Calder Arr 13 JUL 19hish, Dep 16th early / staying Britannia Portland St - dinner/drinkies Friday night, anybody?
dotbaz barry.crabtree At gmail com Can only make Saturday....
Jeroen Dekkers openstreetmap ATT dekkers DOTT cx ARR MAN 13th 9:50, DEP 16th 18:10
Tim Waters (chippy) chippy2005 splat gmail staying at weston hall hostel / uni accom
Henk Hoff osm (a) toffehoff nl ARR MAN 13th 9:50, DEP 16th 18:10 / staying at Weston Hall
Andrew Turner andrew AT highearthorbit -dot- com Staying at 'The Hatters' Hostel
The State of the Map conference 2007