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Call for venues information

Each year the volunteers of the OSM Foundation SotM working group (aka The State of the Map Organising Committee) organize the global OpenStreetMap conference State of the Map (SotM). When the conference location is chosen, additional members will join the group as a "local team".

The local team is essential in providing on the-ground information about the venue (rooms, video, network, etc.), catering during the conference, suitable accommodation, how to use public transport and everything else that we have to organize locally. Additionally, the local team members can also work on tasks that can be done remotely. As the conference draws nearer, the working group will look for additional volunteers to assist during the conference. A good community of local volunteers helps here too.

In recent years, the annual OpenStreetMap conference State of the Map has attracted around 300-400 attendees. Normally it runs for three days; the weekend plus either Friday or Monday. SotM has started in a traditional conference format. But we also have some unconference elements which we appreciate. Our vision is sufficiently broad to accept all styles of bids - we're open to new ideas if you provide a compelling case.

SotM is a traditional in-person conference format with a strong virtual component. So the venue has to provide the technical requirements for video and live streaming.

How to apply for SotM 2025

Would you and your team like to apply for holding SotM 2025 in your city? For a proper official application please complete the following steps:

  1. Copy the Example Bid and fill it in. Make sure to answer all questions, but do not hesitate to add anything extra you think makes your bid more attractive.
  2. Add your application at the bottom of this page in the section "Bids"
  3. Send the filled in form (File:Bid for sotm XY form.odt) to the SotM working group.

Do you need help with your bid? Or do you have any questions? Please contact the SotM working group via email:

You can find details about how we select a venue on our selection criteria page.

Key dates

  • Call for venues open: 24 April 2024
  • Submit your proposal by: 21st July 2024
  • We will review the bids for SotM 2025 in July 2024 and will inform the teams immediately after the decision.
  • Announcement of venue 2025: September 2024
  • Also observe other relevant event dates, e.g. avoid collisions with FOSS4G and local SotMs.

Helpful links


Contact the SotM Working Group

Do you need help with your bid? Or do you have any questions? Please contact SotM working group via email: