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by plane

by train

  • Main train stations from every direction (Westbahnhof, Meidling, Südbahnhof (under construction, will be the new central station), Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof).
    • Tickets available from ~20th April onwards. Can anyone manage to work out a price estimate to travel from London?
    • Yes, I looked into it yesterday. DB is already showing fares, for the outward leg at least, e.g. 1434 from London on the Wednesday and overnighting in Cologne can be done for EUR 88 which seems pretty good to me, will probably book this. This consists of a "London Spezial" fare from London-Cologne (EUR49) then a number of Cologne-Vienna options for EUR39. Another option is the sleeper from Cologne to Vienna (didn't check price of this). Tricky to do it in a day unless you live in London: it can be done on the 0620 departure from St Pancras. A good site to look at is seat61, this gives good advice on finding cheap fares. [nickw]
    • I think I've missed that deal. I'm looking at £29.50 to Brussels (might spend 5-6 hours there), €19 to Cologne, €69 (sharing with 1 other) sleeper to Vienna. Which comes to about £107. If anyone's interested in joining me then I'll probably go for booking it instead of putting off the decision. - LastGrape/Gregory 01:02, 18 May 2011 (BST)

by car

  • Motorways from the West (A1; DE, CH, LI), South (A2; IT, SI), East (A4; HU, SK) and North (A5; CZ).
  • Please keep in mind that in the inner districts of Vienna parking on public roads is limited to 2 hours and you have to pay a fee.

"On Your Way To Vienna" Project of the Week

However you choose to get there, be sure participate in Project of the week/2011/Jul 06 "On Your Way To Vienna"