Sutton Coldfield

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Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands (county)

latitude: 52.5623, longitude: -1.8136
Browse map of Sutton Coldfield 52°33′44.28″ N, 1°48′48.96″ W
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Sutton Coldfield is a town in West Midlands (county) at latitude 52°33′44.28″ North, longitude 1°48′48.96″ West.


Sutton Coldfield lies 7 miles to the north east of Birmingham, UK.


Sutton Coldfield mapping is essentially complete for roads and many footways. Most landuse areas are created too. Many more Points of Interest could be added. Please use Notes to report or mark errors or missing streets or points of interest unless you feel comfortable making the changes yourself.

OSM generated Output

suttoncoldfield.svg is a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file of 3MB size which covers Sutton Coldfield. (This svg is rather old. Will add a new file when I get a moment. Blackadder 17:31, 31 October 2006 (UTC))

If you click the above link in IE with AdobeSVG viewer installed you will get the street names showing. To navigate the image use the AdobeSVG panning and zooming controls copied below. Alternatively download the file and use something like Batik or Firefox 1.5 to view, although note that the latter will not display street names.

  • Panning: Hold the alt key and click-and-drag with the mouse to pan an SVG image. When the scroll lock is enabled and Adobe SVG Viewer has the focus, the arrow keys may be used to pan the image.
  • Zooming: Hold the control key and click to zoom in at the mouse pointer location. Hold the control key and click-and-drag to select a region to zoom into. Hold the control and shift keys and click to zoom out. You can also use the zoom commands in the context menu.

This svg was created using the instruction stylesheet code Osmarender.xsl. The rendering formatting comes from a modified file. You can get this modified file from here.

Openstreetmap-sutton-coldfield.png Openstreetmap-sutton-coldfield-blog.png

Central section of the above svg as png files.

Sutton Coldfield ver0.2.1.png Sutton Coldfield 20060815.png

Renderings of Sutton Coldfield, the left one using a modified rules set for Osmarender, the right one much later and using the default Osmarender rules file but with text surpressed.


Status as at end of October 2006