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The TIGER 2007 Shapefiles are a now out-of-date release of TIGER data. Starting with this release, the United States Census Bureau abandoned the TIGER/Line format and switched to using the Shapefile format to distribute their data.


Dave Hansen was working on a Shapefile to OSM converter specifically for the TIGER data, but the results of this effort are unknown. Please visit the main TIGER page for more recent information.

Place boundaries

The TIGER 2007 data includes place boundaries; Chris Lawrence (as user "Chris Lawrence" and "TIGERcnl") uploaded municipal and CDP boundaries to OpenStreetMap for U.S. states and territories.

The following states are incomplete:

  • Florida has a few large CDPs that may be missing their relations.
  • Illinois is 99.9% complete but some edits while the upload was in progress around O'Hare led to deleted ways that made up the boundaries of a few cities and CDPs (most notably, Chicago). I will attempt to repair these areas in the future.
  • Texas' upload was interrupted by the update to API 0.6 in OSM. The way forward to fix this is, as of yet, undecided.

Also, several states were uploaded under API 0.5, which means that some boundaries may exceed current OSM editing limits: AL, AK, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DE, MS.

The Python scripts used are available at http://www.lordsutch.com/osm/

Addressing data

The TIGER 2007 data includes address relationship data. Various users at one point were working on automated translation of this data into Karlsruhe Schema-style ways that could be associated with the imported TIGER data (and hopefully will figure out a way to cope with merging it with TIGER ways that have been edited by OSM users); the eventual goal here is to be able to geocode addresses within OSM. This will largely rely on the tiger:tlid keys in the existing OSM data. Results of these efforts are unknown.

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