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Sender Blauen-2.jpg
A huge tower for transmitting radio applications Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: Man made
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A man_made=communications_tower, also known as telecommunications tower, is a huge tower for transmitting radio applications like television, radio, mobile phone or officials radio. They are quite rare and distinguished by their very large size, and status as a local monument or landmark. Examples are the  Fernsehturm Berlin, the  CN Tower, the  Torre Entel, the  Hillbrow Tower, the  Oriental Pearl Tower and the  Sydney Tower.

If in doubt it is almost all the time a man_made=mast or man_made=tower plus tower:type=communication instead, see below.

How to map

Set a node node or draw an area area along its outline. Add the tag man_made=communications_tower.

Useful combinations

Distinguish between other kinds of communications towers

First question: Is it a mast or a tower?

Second question: What kind of services are being provided?


Obereisesheim Sender1.JPG

Guyed lattice tower

BTS GSM-R Jistebnik.jpg

Mobile phone

Bayreuth - Einsatzzentrale PP Oberfranken.jpg

Police radio

Frazier Peak, tower and Honda Element.jpg

Microwave link(s) (German: Richtfunk)

Greifswald Funkturm Hans-Beimler-Straße July-2010 SL274692.JPG

No mast any more, but a tower

Sender Burgwindheim.jpg

Really big communications towers >= 100 m:

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