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Sign, used for advertising signs, neon signs, logos & institutional entrance signs Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Advertising
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Sign, for example on roofs or facades of commercial buildings, used to identify the business, or promote a product or service. Also used for neon signs (use luminous=*), logos & place signs/institutional entrance signs (like schools, power plants, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, large hospital or university campuses, etc.).


  • name=* - if the sign is well known enough to have a common name
  • inscription=* - the text on the sign
  • lit=* - the sign is lit, i.e. lights are positioned to reflect off it making it visible at night
  • luminous=* - indicates whether the sign is luminous, i.e. it directly emits some light, rather than just having lights reflected off it.
  • animated=* - indicates whether the sign is animated, and the way it is animated.
  • material=* - what the sign is made of (stone, metal, etc.)

See also

  • board_type=welcome_sign - For welcome signs in the form of information boards, not separate, free-standing signs.