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Parcel lockers and parcel postbox
Proposal status: Obsoleted (inactive)
Proposed by: SelfishSeahorse
Applies to:
Definition: amenity=parcel_lockers: a machine with lockers for picking-up parcels

amenity=parcel_postbox: a box for depositing outgoing parcels

Draft started: 2018-11-12


Parcel lockers

Parcel lockers by Australia Post

Parcel lockers (also called parcel terminals, parcel stations or parcel machines) are electrical machines with lockers for picking-up parcels. They allow for interaction with the customers, usually by a touchscreen. Some parcel lockers also allow for sending parcels or to be used as ordinary lockers.

A new tag amenity=parcel_lockers is introduced for parcel lockers together with the complementing tags parcel_receiving=yes/no, parcel_sending=yes/no, letter_receiving=yes/no and letter_sending=yes/no to indicate whether parcel lockers can be used to receive and send parcels and letters respectively.

Parcel postbox

Parcel postbox by FedEx

A parcel postbox (also called parcel drop box) is a box for depositing outgoing parcels (very similar to an ordinary amenity=post_box, but larger).

A new tag amenity=parcel_postbox is introduced for parcel postboxes.


Parcel lockers and parcel postboxes are currently both tagged amenity=vending_machine even though they are two different objects. Besides, both of them aren't vending machines (i.e. an automatic machines that accepts money and dispense merchandise).


Useful combination

Comparison of current and proposed tagging

Object Current tagging Proposed tagging
Parcel lockers with possibility to receive but not to send parcels amenity=vending_machine
+ vending=parcel_pickup
+ parcel_receiving=yes
+ parcel_sending=no
Parcel lockers with possibility to receive and send parcels amenity=vending_machine
+ vending=parcel_pickup;parcel_mail_in
+ parcel_receiving=yes
+ parcel_sending=yes
Parcel lockers with possibility to send but not to receive parcels amenity=vending_machine
+ vending=parcel_mail_in
+ parcel_receiving=no
+ parcel_sending=yes
A parcel postbox amenity=vending_machine
+ vending=parcel_mail_in
(parcel_receiving=no not required because inherent)

Open questions

  • How to tag Amazon Lockers? These parcel lockers only allow to return parcels (purchases) to Amazon, but not to any addressee. Maybe parcel_sending=returns_only?
  • Are there any other parcel lockers apart from Amazon Lockers that only allow to receive but not to send parcels? Otherwise, receiving and sending could be defined as standard for all amenity=parcel_lockers.
  • What name is used in English-speaking countries for these machines? "parcel locker"? "parcel lockers"? "packstation"?

Current usage

Proposed tags

amenity=parcel_lockers amenity=parcel_postbox

Current tags

vending=parcel_pickup vending=parcel_pickup;parcel_mail_in vending=parcel_mail_in

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