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A working mans' club, with a private members bar,and other facilities Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: food and beverages
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The amenity=social_club tag is used to indicate the location of a social club. In the United Kingdom, a "social club" has a specific meaning, being similar to amenity=pub but for members only, but its usage elsewhere is more varied.

Current usage

As detailed below, the term "social club" has a specific meaning in the United Kingdom. In other countries, however, all kinds of clubs have been mapped with this tag, though the club=* key is more common and recommended (e.g., club=social).

United Kingdom

The amenity=social_club tag is used mostly to identify a "working mens' club" or similar private members' club. These function essentially as private pubs, with access restricted to members and their guests. Many allow temporary membership and thus they are often regarded as equivalent to pubs, although legally they are distinct.

Social clubs are establishments that sell alcoholic drinks, and often food, that can be consumed on the premises. Many provide other leisure facilities (e.g., snooker hall, bowling green, tennis courts). A common feature of social club is an event room, a large room suitable for large gatherings and entertainment, and bar.

Most social clubs are run by a committee who are elected by the members. There are a number of common 'brands' of social clubs, examples are Royal British Legion, Miners Welfare and CIU.

In addition to the United Kingdom, this type of social club may be found in Ireland and other former parts of the British Empire. In Britain, social clubs are most common in the former industrial areas, such as The North of England, South Wales and The Midlands.

Alternative tagging

Social clubs are sometimes mapped using amenity=pub or amenity=bar, and club=social, however this tagging scheme does not capture the important distinction regarding the legal status of social clubs (pubs and bars are available to the public, social clubs only to their members and guests) and a distinction from other clubs with a social purpose.

The leisure=social_club tag has an identical definition to the UK usage of this tag. It has similar, though slightly lower, usage statistics.

Sports clubs

Some sports clubs (notably golf clubs) may have a special membership category of social membership which allows members to use the club house bar and eating facilities, but not the sporting facilities. If such places are widely used in the local area as a place to eat and drink (e.g., golf clubs in Scotland), the club house can be tagged with this tag in addition to the regular tags for a sports club.

How to Map

Set a node or draw as an area along the pub outline. Tag it with amenity=social_club and name=*.

Tags to use in combination

Similar tags

  • leisure=social_club - appears to be identical to this amenity=social_club tag.
  • club=*
  • club=social – A social club (alternative tagging of traditional clubs, rather than UK "social clubs").
  • amenity=bar - In general a bar is a modern purpose-built commercial premises, have a more noisy atmosphere, and may be standing room only.
  • amenity=pub - a regular pub (open to the general public without restrictions).
  • amenity=nightclub - More emphasis on dancing. More likely to require an entry fee.